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Mario Strikers Charged

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Yeah, this is one of the Mario Sports games. But, for one of the Mario Sports games, some of the character themes have a lot of style and just sound really nice despite their simple repetitiveness.

has a very upbeat Spanish theme, and has a incredibly infectious trumpet melody.

, while incredibly simple, has a club vibe going on. I could see somebody using this to create an interesting bubblegum pop song, if anyone has any aspirations to make one of those.

reminds me a little of the Peanuts theme, but with more energy and trumpet melodies... take that how you will.

And I have no idea how anyone would use this, but the banjos that are all over

characterize the maniac surprisingly well, especially considering that this is the game where
when he scores.

Anyway, I hope I gave somebody inspiration with this. If you don't care for any of these themes, all of those links should also go to a playlist with the rest of the soundtrack.

I think that if somebody could take one of these tracks and give them the depth they lack now, we'd have one awesome ReMix on our hands.

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