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Shovel Knight - Shovel's Lament (Treasure Knight/Shield Knight remix)


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This track combines 2 songs from the game Shovel Knight into a sad, lamenting song with vocals. It features the songs 'Requiem of Shield Knight' and 'A Thousand Leagues Below'. It was made in one week for the Knights of the ReMix doubles compo. Composition and arrangement by Jorito and evktalo, lyrics by evktalo and vocals by Xarnax42. Mixed and mastered by Andy Booth.

We did some more polishing and finally deem the song finished. We're very happy with the final result, but we're curious what you guys think of it so feedback is appreciated!

Source tracks:





Or if you prefer it with visuals:

Source breakdown:

0:00-0:07 Celeste intro, based on the Requiem lead at 0:03-0:05.

0:08-0:16 Cello enters, riff is from A Thousand Leagues Below @ 0:55-0:57.

0:16-0:32 Variation of the main melody from Requiem with different bass.

0:32-1:04 Two first thirds of the first verse, based on Requiem's 0:02-0:24 (though on 0:02-0:12 more clearly); ATLB 0:55 riff from the intro features at 0:55-1:04.

1:04-1:35 Final third of the verse follows the 0:25-0:47 portion of the Requiem (ATLB 0:55 riff again ata 1:12-1:20).

1:35-2:08 The chorus is based on ATLB 0:55-1:05, which is easiest to hear 1:43-1:52 and 2:04-2:08. The vocal melody is based on 0:57 and 1:00 of the source.

2:08-2:40 The second verse follows 0:25-0:47 in the requiem. The cello adds some ATLB from 0:19-0:24 at 02:31-02:39.

02:40-3:10 Is the second chorus.

3:10- 3:44 From ATLB 0:19-0:36.

3:45-4:00 From ATLB 0:36-0:46 (acoustic guitar), trumpet solo based on the main Requiem melody.

4:00-4:16 The same, actually. especially audible at the end.

4:16-4:32 From ATLB 0:46-0:55.

4:32-end Repeats of the chorus (continuing the ATLB coverage from 0:55->).


sky is clear

the thunder gone

no gold at the end of the rain

we fought hard

we fought long

nothing left at the end of the day

I'd be king

you, the queen

we'd beat them, we would drive them away

turns out we were not

the heroes we were made out to be


if I lose my place

you're there, you'll catch my fall

promises break

and you are still my all

with you there

shielding me

I have faith, I can dig our way through

we've got all the treasure we need

if I lose my place

you're there, you'll catch my fall

promises break

and you are still my all

(middle part)

nothing remains

apart from the ash, still warm

ambitions fade

and you are still my all

though I've lost my grace

you're there, you'll catch my fall

catch my fall

catch my fall

catch my fall


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Mmm, the singing is simply impeccable. I loved it, but then again I have a soft spot for good singing. It's definitely the centerpiece of the track, and rightfully so - while the singing is going on, I can't honestly fault the piece for very much.

The arrangement makes good sense, and even without your helpful guide I can hear the sources perfectly fine. Arrangement checks out.

Production has few things to complain about, though I have my nitpicks. The hard-panning is hard to justify, and it puts me out of balance when it's there. It's probably amplified by the fact that I'm using headphones, atm, but I find it can be a distraction in general if it's not balanced properly. When there are two instruments hard-panned at once it works out alright (like at 4:16), but solo it's distracting (like at 0:07 & 0:32). Moments like that would be spaced out enough from the rest of the song at ~+/-32, or even 48 panning levels.

While it's not noticeable complimented with the singing, on solo moments the instruments have some attributes that make them feel a little mechanical. The volumes are wonderfully varied, but the attacks tend to sound the same regardless of the volume levels or intention of the instrument. This issue is especially glaring at moments like 3:11 with the horn and 3:44 with the trumpet - they stick out like sore thumbs against the real instruments (such as the singing and guitar). There are often ways to move the start point of a sample for instrument sequencers, which can help bring more variety to an instrument (and, therefore, more life to the sequence). This is relatively minor, in reality, but against everything else it stuck out, for me.

Overall, this would be a close call, but I think it would have a fair chance at passing the panel as it is. I recommend tweaking the panning, though, and figuring out how to humanize the instruments a touch more when they are playing solo - if those were fixed, this would be a surefire pass, in my opinion. Great singing, great arrangement. Good luck!

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Gave ya a review, woo!
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