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DKC Mix't Ape '94 - Donkey Kong Country SNES series tribute album

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Just in time for Donkey Kong Country's 20th anniversary, Big Mat assembled a huge crew of video game bands and artists to pay tribute to the SNES trilogy. It's 35 songs (over 2+ hours of music) as a name-your-price download.

1. Cory Johnson (ft Marshall Art & Jer Roque) - Aquatic Ambiance

2. Super Guitar Bros - Minecart Madness

3. Droidekka - Rock Face Rumble

4. missingNO - Mining Melancholy

5. James Moats (ft. Dan Taylor) - Cranky's Swanky Sideshow Showdown

6. Cory Johnson - Maps

7. Droidekka - Bonus Room Blitz

8. William Reyes - Bayou Boogie

9. Mega Beardo - The Apes Made Banana Splits in the Crocodile's Skull

10. PokéMatt (ft. Lucio Baldomero, Dave Reardon, & Joe Corbett) - Primal Rave

11. missingNo - Mill Fever

12. Wild Gunmen - Funky Flights

13. Droidekka - Snakey Shantilou

14. James Moats - Schoolhouse Harmony

15. The World is Rare - Krunky

16. Eight Bit Disaster - Island Swag

17. DJ SonikBuster - KRooK 'n KluBBa DJSbK Remix

18. Droidekka - DK Rescue

19. John Weible (ft. James Moats & Stemage) - Stickerbrush Symphony

20. Super Guitar Bros - Life in the Mines

21. Cory Johnson - Mama Bird

22. James Moats - Simian Segue

23. Jer Roque - Jangle Bells

24. missingNo - Forest Interlude

25. Joshua Cortese - Wrinkley 89

26. Cory Johnson - Ice Ice Monkey

27. Joshua Cortese - Fear Factory

28. Marshall Art - My Monkey Drives a Maserati

29. Adam Henry - Tree Top Concerto

30. Justin Taylor - Bad Boss Mosh

31. William Reyes - Water World

32. Codename Trigger Thumb - Phantom of the Macaw-pera

33. Joshua Cortese - In a Snowbound Land

34. The Nate Horsfall Experience (ft Elliot Wernlund, Detective Tuesday) - Shine On You Crazy Hot-Head

35. Adam Henry - 'Lectro 'Nannar

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This album is pretty good. But does anybody know what track 26 Ice Ice Monkey specifically covers?

Ice Cave Chant from DKC1. Cory has a bit of a knack for taking songs and twisting them into arrangements you'd never expect, though.

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