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Dwelling of Duels - December 2014/January 2015 - Dance Month!

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<offtop>Was listening to Flex's "Arichnophobia" when I saw this gif :D</offtop>

Wow, a whole bunch of danicing music is waiting, yeeeaaahh \m/ My neighbours have to prepare to some slepless nights watching me jammin' 8-) Jammin' like this guy :lol:

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I'd like to point out that streifig is still accepting songs. Though he's travelling to MAGFest tomorrow I think so today is probably the last day to send them by email. If you're going to MAGFest you can give him the songs in person on a flash drive just before the listening party.

Per DoD tradition, I'm gonna accept songs before the MAGFest listening party. And it seems we're gonna have a lot of late submissions at MAG.

The first batch of songs will go online on Thursday. The late ones will be up on Friday before the listening party. The voting app will be up at the same time, so no song will go unvoted.

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Songs are up!

Check out all the entries that have been submitted so far: http://dwellingofduels.net/duel.php?dir=14-12-Dance&month=Dance%20Party&img=14-12-Dance

The page will be updated tomorrow prior to the party. The voting app will be up at the same time.

The month is freaking awesome already, by the way!

The live listening party is scheduled at 1:30 AM EST, Friday night. It's gonna be in Panel Room 5. The online listening party is planned to go on Arecibo Radio at the same time, more details on that later.

Anyone wanna join me for the online listening party? :mrgreen:

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