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  1. I listened to this back when it came out on DoD. It's a really amazing piece.
  2. The album as a whole is pretty nice. It would behoove Ocremix to focus on quality rather than quantity for future projects.
  3. I'm not familiar with trap music, and I don't usually post, but I thought this was just absolutely wonderful.
  4. Unfortunately I think he suffers from sort of condition. For some reason it causes him to delete himself from the world time and time again. Thank the lawd for this repository of his work. I feel like such a fool for not downloading his stuff when I had the chance.
  5. Top 4 are all must listens. Really high quality entries this month, one of DOD's best, no doubt.
  6. Yes, this was indeed a very good month! Lots of quality stuff, with nice production values.
  7. Whoa dude that album is awesome. This thread has been great for discovering excellent chiptune music.
  8. 53 tracks and not a single Alone in The World remix? Or Lone Bird In The Shire? WAT
  9. Awesome, until the CD skipping effect. I dunno what DC was trying to accomplish there, but it doesn't work for me, kinda ruins the song.
  10. Eh I'm just wondering what prompted the idea of putting chinese lyrics in a DKC track.
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