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Anyone looking for Rap Vocals?


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Lol, RageQuit. I can relate to that! I like it, dude. Nice flow too.

How long have you been rapping, if you don't mind me asking? :)

As for collabs. I'm a Rapper from London, England. Lead vocalist for the nerdcore/vgm-hiphop trio known as Zone Runners with halc and Sir J. Hit the link to listen to our debut album if you need a audio portfolio of what we're about. Oh, we also done that Pumpkin Hill remix that was released on OCR recently, so there's that too if you wanna hear it.

I reckon we could work out a collab or two sometime in the near future, for sure.

You got any projects in the pipeline? Anything i should be looking out for?

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Sorry man, i was out of the country for a few weeks on vacation. Not sure why i didn't get a notification about this. I've been rapping for about 10 years, but didn't taken it seriously until about 2 years ago.

I checked out that pumpkin Hill joint and im pretty impressed. I'd be down to collab for sure. Currently im working on my new Album Sleight of Hand. It will out sometime towards the end of next month.

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I really love your flow man. Hit me up on a PM if you're interested and I would love to produce some stuff for you.

this here is real talk

you've got some sick flow, my dude. welcome to the community. let's get some more people in this thread and put something nasty together. i've got ideas, let's talk

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Good to find a thread about hip hop!


I'm very new to the OC scene (O Scene?) but I've got some rough tracks posted on sound cloud for the hell of it. Beats are pretty basic (largely videogame) samples with drum loops laid overtop, but I've been working on some more involved, arranged tracks that are suitable to post here on OCR.


In the meantime, however, I'd love to do a collab sessions with a few of you guys. I listened to everything that's linked above, and I can definitely get down with it. Here's a very small sample of some of the things I've done over the past couple years. Please do let me know what you think, and/or if you're interested in doing something together.


The Empire Strikes Back - A Musical Emergency *LOW QUALITY WARNING*

  • In a very NSFW track, I play Han Solo, frustrated by his love scene being interrupted by C-3P0

Sound Cloud - Buster's Word:    https://soundcloud.com/busters-word

  • Tetris - Instrumental Hip Hop beat using Music C from NES Tetris
  • Chrono Trigger - Instrumental, up-beat hip hop instrumental using Gato's Theme from Chrono Trigger
  • Mercury [NSFW] - Full Hip Hop Track (Beat + Lyrics) utilizing a sample from the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie
  • Of the Giants [NSFW] - Full Hip Hop Track (Beat + Lyrics) utilizing a sample from Kingdom Hearts (Destati) (can you point out all of the videogame references??)
  • Ship Hold [NSFW] - Full Hip Hop Track (Beat + Lyrics) utilizing sample from the "Ship Hold" from the DKC2 OST (David Wise is my hero).

Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!



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