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    Mysterious1ne a.k.a. tha1ne(pronounced as The One) basically lives up to his name. No one in his state sound like him. His style is a unique blend of many different talents. He started getting into music as an art at the age of 16 and has been working to refine his talent since. Alright since I'm done boosting myself up, let's get to the nitty gritty. I'm interested in vocal mixes, so if you need a lyricist, all you have to do is ask.
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    Trevor Smalls
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    Food Prep
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    FL Studio
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    Vocals: Male
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    Lyrics, Autotune(the T-pain effect)

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  1. this has my interest... I look forward to see what you two can come up with. i'm a long time fan of DiGi... from back when the entire NiGHTS remix album. I'd also happily lend my talents to whomever needs them.
  2. I'm eager to see the different genres that will be covered in this album.
  3. give me a concept and I will see what I can come up with...
  4. i see this is still going on... chomping at the bit to see how this sounds:)
  5. I will definitely make sure to stay on top of that... i look forward to how well put together this is going to be
  6. respect... I got you man... I will just patiently my turn then lol
  7. I can do some production and mixing, but I'm a lyricist that specializes in double-time(think twista or bone thugs-n-harmony) style rhymes.
  8. speaking of which... I dont have access... PMso we can try and fix this I suppose
  9. this sounds like a great idea...we need more vocal mixes on here.IknowI'm game for it
  10. the suspense is killing me... im chomping at the bit over here. I KNOW this is gonna be an awesome pice of work
  11. just throwing it out... but I can apply male rap vocals also... just in case anyone cares
  12. I've got no problem lending my voice to what ever... been meaning to get off my behind and release something anyway lol... pm me with details
  13. if its for the good future quartz quadrant i need some help on a variation I've been working on for a while. im not that good with sequencing notes
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