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  1. 1 - Knuckles 2 - Jill Valentine 3 - Eevee ♫~A ghost tried to approach me~♪ ...so i told him fuck off.
  2. And there's a Mokram! Dude, without derailing the thread i wanna say it's good to see you around again. I hope things are getting better for you, man! Keeping things on topic, i would have to agree with Gar here in the sense that it's probably better to make something fresh for a OCRemix project. If we were to use a track that is already out there online then it kinda weakens our release because, well, people will have already heard the song outside of the album. It takes away that 'brand new' factor that OCR's albums tend to have upon their release, if you catch what we're saying. Our Zone Ru
  3. I do hope one way or another this project does see completion eventually. It had great potential when it started up. Anyways, as i said to you in the PM's, i'll speak with the other Zone Runners first and decide what we're doing with our claim.
  4. Lol, RageQuit. I can relate to that! I like it, dude. Nice flow too. How long have you been rapping, if you don't mind me asking? As for collabs. I'm a Rapper from London, England. Lead vocalist for the nerdcore/vgm-hiphop trio known as Zone Runners with halc and Sir J. Hit the link to listen to our debut album if you need a audio portfolio of what we're about. Oh, we also done that Pumpkin Hill remix that was released on OCR recently, so there's that too if you wanna hear it. I reckon we could work out a collab or two sometime in the near future, for sure. You got any projects in the pipeli
  5. Good god, i didn't even notice that! XD ...seriously, the last person to hit up SA2 was The Bronx himself! That's insane.Man, i'm really glad we did cover this song now. It's not only been the ZR's first official posted debut at OCR or halc's first vocal posted debut at OCR but it's also been the first SA2 remex in ten years. Awesome!! Totally unintentional, but awesome! Yeah, Hunnid P is doing time for a gun-charge. Hopefully he'll be a bit more open-minded about our remix than you've been because i feel you're judging us a tiny liiiittle bit unfairly here. We kept the original lyrics in th
  6. Hey, thanks for the compliment! I appreciate it muchly!! As for Sonic R! I know for a fact i'd personally love to hit that game soundtrack up for a remix, some of my favourite Sonic songs are in that title. I know there was potential for a remix EP of some sort here in the OCR forums that Wildfire started up, so that might still occur. Aaaand i know that at some point i'm definitely going to want to have me, halc and Sir J (Zone Runners) make our own little EP of the Sonic R music too. That's a must, i really want to do that if i can convince the other two! So, yeah. One way or another i de
  7. Daaaamn! Ok, yeah, you can definitely hold your own vocally! Lol, what took you so long to finally jump on the mic, man? XD Yeah, this is nice. Definitely do more vocal stuff in the future if you can. You have my attention, for sure!! Great work!
  8. ....we're releasing tomorrow and i'm totally not ready.
  9. Yes SIR! We are on our way to finally releasing this bad boy! Check out the short teaser previews over at the YouTube channel and start running with us towards October 13th. No turning back once we land this thing!
  10. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. No other words, just brilliant!
  11. oh my days! This is fantastic! Truly amazing work. I always did feel like the Nightfall tune would suit a 80's/90's r&b vibe. You nailed it! Get Alexander O'Neil to sing a hook for this ~
  12. Oh yes yes! Good, i'll be checking that out later tonight then! Cheers~

  13. I really love this tune, had to download it. Great song, perfect for these longer sunny days we're having. Beautiful!
  14. Sure thing, i'll mention it on the twitterlands and facebooks when it drops I know you do, honey. I know you do Yeah, we'll cook something up sometime, i'll get at you about that when we've cleared up our workloads a bit.All the best~
  15. also, a collaboration is still on the cards at some point, right? Because, like, i didn't forget about that or anything (double posting like a renegade, fuck the police)
  16. OH! You're the dude who replied to my Mass Effect topic, haha! I didn't know you made HipHop beats! Loving that Space Dandy one you got there. Mind if i was to throw some bars on it? Getting a little inspired from the beat right now. Let me know the details, holla at me on SoundCloud if it's easier to chat there, man Peace~
  17. Myes, this is all sounding quite nice, as expected from you of course. All the best with the release, man. I'm sure it will do well
  18. Yes, i was saying to the doc himself how unbelievably precise this tune is. Neat and tidy delivery from halc, slick production work from yourself, Jewbei. Quite surprising to hear this from the pair of you, namely since i had known of you for those Trance-y tunes so a hiphop beat was refreshing, and halc has only been rapping for 4 minutes and yet somehow managed to up his speed already, lol. Great stuff!
  19. The beats were purchased, i didn't make them. I'm just a vocalist! I'll let the guy who sold it to me for $150 know he drops some good basslines, lol XD
  20. Hey, how is everybody doing? So, what do Mass Effect, hiphop and British accents all have in common? Me. And if you like me or any one of those three things listed then you're absolutely going to hate what i've done on this EP. Music for your Mako. Apparently, it's music. All my love - DiGi Valentine ~♥
  21. How are we looking on this, DusK? Because i just finished re-recording my vocals and i'm gonna send them off to halc when he's back from his vacation next week. Our remix is practically finished though.
  22. Yeah, i'm still alive too. Just not been very active around here lately, i've had a lot going on. Spoke with halc about our track with Tuberz and we're still heading forward with that, so no worries there. Not sure when we're going to have something for you but we're definitely not dropping out or anything, that's for sure.
  23. Cool concept for an album! I won't be claiming anything, though i'm going to throw a suggestion in here in case it ends up inspiring somebody to take a source from it. Plus, nobody seems to have mentioned it yet - Skies of Arcadia.
  24. I would be convinced NutS is legitimately killing his opponents off every week. (Also, not that pissed. Do your thing).
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