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"Settle It In Smash" - Smash 4 Rap by Garrett Williamson & Yungtown!

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Hey guys! Knowing how this is obviously both a video game and music-loving community, I decided I'd share this video with you that Yungtown and I did. Personally I think this may be one of my favorite tracks I've ever done, and I wanted all of you to check it out.

And here's the live music video version of the song!

Thanks guys! Share it around if you like it! We wanna make this thing huge! :)

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I`m getting Smash and Wii U for my brother and sister this Christmas, and this gets me super excited to play it with them. Havent played a smash game in too long!

Anyway, as for the piece. It sounds like a professional production. I love all of the different sounds and plug ins you used in this. A great combination of sounds that resulted in the development of something even Tekken like. Great piece! I`m looking forward to hearing more by you!

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