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final fantasy X and Xenogears


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I covered these two tracks. These tracks aren't easy to set up especially in two softwares. I used mixcraft as main sources with EWQL colossus and Gold and silver I hope you guys enjoy them plus download are free

I'm still got fix some issues for these two tracks



Final fantasy video:


Xenogears video:





Final fantasy X


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i got east west too, the sounds are good but it still seems to be hard to get liveliness out of them.

i think your biggest problem is your timing and performance. the timing is pretty awkward in some places and there are some notes here and there that sound too loud, as if they are sticking out. also you have a few bad notes in there...

once it starts getting into the arrangement part it's pretty meandering...

i think you could do some good stuff if you worked on your playing, music theory and composition skills a bit more. i suggest you read percy goetschius's entire (Free) music theory series on google: https://play.google.com/store/books/details/Percy_Goetschius_The_Material_Used_in_Musical_Comp?id=PHs6AAAAIAAJ&hl=en

and try doing some piano solo work before throwing additional instruments in there. do easy before doing hard to get your arrangement skills going.

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Thanks honestly I don't really read music never was classical trained. Been self train with years learning music by hearing. Don't get me wrong the softwares are great just with the computer I have sometimes my music been off. I know because I listen to my music all the time

Oh sorry about the link I was trying to fix up the songs that why I put work in progress but just look me up


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