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Flexstyle Album - Perfect Getaway (available now!)


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This is it, folks--this is the first artist album I've released officially since 2011. As you may know, I've been staying busy--released a remix album, an original soundtrack, and a collection of all my video game remixes in between now and then. Of course, I've been busy here on OCR as well, not to mention the fact that I completed my bachelor's degree in that time span.

This album has several original songs, and also includes several remixes I've done for other artists over the past few years, and they've graciously given me permission to use these mixes on my album. These artists include Benjamin Briggs, Jamison Randall (TheGuitahHeroe), and more!

I've also been given the opportunity to work with gifted visual artist Edward Dennis (Final Fantasy - Random Encounter visual artist), and he's done some truly fantastic artwork for the album.

In order to showcase this fantastic package, I'm shelling out for high-quality CD digipacks, rather than the low-end generic jewel cases I've used for past albums. Additionally, I'm having the album design done by a friend of mine who's been in the music industry for decades, and the quality of this package will be the highest I've ever released.

This all means that this is the most expensive album I've ever put together, but fear not--the CD will cost you, the listener, the same price as I've always charged for them in the past! Ten dollars gets you this gorgeous package, as well as digital downloads in any format you like from the Bandcamp page. It does, however, mean that I'm first releasing a preorder, hopefully in order to recoup a few of my costs.

If you want to support but don't want to order the package and pay for shipping, do not fear! The digital album will be available as always, as well, and that will also ease my financial burden in putting together this labor of love!

Even if you can't (or don't want to) buy this album, could you consider sharing the link below with your friends? I could use as many eyeballs on this project as I can possibly get, so even a Facebook post is incredibly appreciated!

You can preorder this new album, Perfect Getaway, at https://flexstyle.bandcamp.com/album/perfect-getaway.

Did I mention the release date is my birthday?

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Catch the sudo (because there's no chat involved) pre-release listening party of Flexstyle's compilation album 'Perfect Getaway' 01/30 8 PM ET on OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! We'll also be listening to an exclusive mix CD from Flexstyle's work only available at MAGFest 13 and Apex 2015! http://www.ocremixradio.com/

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Surprised no one bumped this after release day. Picked it up last saturday and t'was a blast to listen to, from start to finish.

Perfect getaway was the perfect opportunity for me to catch up on Mike's work, and a testament to his versatility and proficiency as a musician.

Icing on the cake: slick album artwork that perfectly compliments an undeniably polished audio package. :nicework:

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