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  1. Using GroupMe as usual with a few chatrooms sounds like the plan to go with to me.
  2. lol…thanks YoshiBlade! I definitely appreciate the gesture. I do what I can to help.
  3. If you missed the first episode of Season 13 of the new podcast (which aired right before MAGClassic) converted from my similarly styled FM radio show, as part of my continued support of Video Game Music and OverClocked ReMix I will be sending Beatdrop to ‪MAGFest 2016‬!!
  4. I'll definitelty be there so all you fine OCR people better be there as well!
  5. We have less than an hour left in the EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS REPLAY! but I want to thank everyone who tuned in tonight! We had a great turnout and it was a ton of fun for everyone involved!
  6. Can't catch the live listening party at 8 PM ET? Tune into the replay at 10 PM ET!
  7. We'll be kicking off the listening party in the next 30 minutes! Tune in! It's gonna be hot! http://www.ocremixradio.com/
  8. Catch the sudo (because there's no chat involved) pre-release listening party of Flexstyle's compilation album 'Perfect Getaway' 01/30 8 PM ET on OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! We'll also be listening to an exclusive mix CD from Flexstyle's work only available at MAGFest 13 and Apex 2015! http://www.ocremixradio.com/
  9. I told Flexstyle the other day, I'm just going to throw cash at him at MAGFest next week for the album instead of pre-ordering it.
  10. Folding@home is still very much alive! I have moved a good portion of my dynamic computational farm which is partially used for FAH over to the OverClocked Remix Team.
  11. Pin me baby! - Chester, VA 23831
  12. I am not sure what I was really expecting before giving this a few good listens but I can say without a doubt we have a delightful and somewhat bubbly remix here from a classic game I have not thought about in a long time! The first literal thought when hearing the intro was, Back to the Future?!...what the...oh I see! The title 'Coming to Chimerica' is clever and I laughed a little when I realized why Binster named it as such. What we have here is a fantastic combination of hard hitting drums, bass, and sounds which bring many 80s and early 90s memories to mind like the many hours I spent playing Galaxian. My only criticism is that I felt the ending was more abrupt than I would have liked before the final set of clocks. It's not terrible, but I would have played it out for a few seconds more.
  13. Another fine ReMix from Metroid Prime! The progression of the track is ingenious in my opinion. It keeps you entertained, making you guess what's going to happen next throughout the piece.
  14. Despite what anyone says, this is a fantastic remix from an awesome boss battle made possible from a wide variety of electronic samples and live guitar! When I first heard it over a year ago, my first thought was how unique the sound is and how unpredictable (in the best way possible!) the mix turned out.
  15. 'Distortion HQ' - The perfect title for a mesmerizing trip of bassy goodness!
  16. That's my favorite part too. The track definitely has that feeling of being in a cyber rich environment like that of Deus Ex, Watch Dogs, and Cyber Punk 2077. It's an immersive experience which puts me in the shoes of the main character sneaking around in dark places in the city trying to stay alive. I have always thought of 'The Search for Ambrosia' as being the "hackers track".
  17. 'The Unbroken' remains to be one of my personal favorite ReMixes. The depth and flawless vocals has changed how I play Cave Story forever. Words like amazing, incredible, epic, and awesome do not begin to describe how I feel about this one. All I can say is mind = blown.
  18. Myself and 3 friends are going. It's going to be a killer time! Can't wait!
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