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Welcome to OCR! Here's a couple of account-related things to keep in mind!


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So you just signed up for the forums and have a shiny, brand-new forum account. I'm sure you want to pretty it up and customize it as much as you can, which is great, but we've got a couple of things you need to keep in mind when you're doing that. Here goes!

The Real Name field is for your real name only.
This field isn't required, and if you don't want to put anything in there, that's fine. But the real name field is not for any titles or nicknames you came up with. If you put something in there that isn't your real name, then you'll be asked to change it, or we'll change it for you.

You're only allowed to have one account.
Don't make alternate-accounts for secondary identities or anything like that. You're allowed to have one account on the forums. The OC ReMix forums are not role-playing forums; you're not a bunch of characters in a story, you're a real person participating in a community. Please don't make a new account if you want to "test out something" pertaining to how the forum works (i.e. testing permissions, notifications, etc.). That's not your job, that's the job of the moderation team. Full disclosure: I have an alt-account specifically for testing forum permission related issues.

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