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PS4 Game Recommendations?

Nabeel Ansari

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Hey guys,

I might be buying a PlayStation 4 in the next couple months, and so I want to make sure the software line-up is enough to warrant it. I'm looking for 3, maybe 4 solid games to plan on getting.

I'm already planning on getting Journey, perhaps a couple Assassin's Creed games, possibly Knack if it's any good, and definitely Bloodborne.

But what else?

I vastly prefer games with good aesthetic, but also good depth of gameplay (like Bloodborne). So I don't want sports games, or like standard shooters/GTA stuff.

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Man these seem to be cropping up, but I love these so I don't care =)

Without a doubt infamous second son. While it's a sandbox game, it has a different feel to GTA. You get super powers, run around, and blast your foes. If you are unsure about it, you could buy infamous: first light. It's a little prequel that doesn't require the game to play, but it will have spoilers so take your pick.

If you have yet to play last of us, grab it on the PS4. It looks fantastic. It's a great game with solid storytelling, it's a 3rd person shooter/survival.

Shadows of Mordor is another sandbox game, it's main feature is the orc rival system. It's a load of fun to plot your revenge on an orc who killed you before.

Honestly Destiny while game play is solid, there's just far too many roadblocks bungie puts up to get in the way of your fun. It's infuriating on many levels. Glimmer, the money of the game is useless, only materials matter. Quests? can only hold 10 (use to be 5) Beat the game? Welcome to playing the same 5 strikes and 3 raids. If you ever played castlevania: harmony of dispair and didn't mind repeating the same levels over and over it may be for you.

Look forward to Witcher 3. The last 2 were fantastic western RPG's.

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