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OCR03513 - *YES* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening & Legend of Zelda "Hyrulean Overture #1"

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*PLEASE HOLD*  6/27/15 The artist would like to make a few mixing improvements before posting this.


ReMixer name: freezetag
Real name: Trevor Alan Gomes
Website: www.trevorgomes.com

Name of Arrangement: Zelda Medley 2014  (edit 5/24/15:  new title is 'Hyrulean Overture #1')

Featured Games:
The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Featured Tracks (in order):
-Overworld (LttP)
-Overworld Main Theme (LA)
-Zelda's Lullaby (OoT)
-Lost Woods (OoT)
-Kakariko Village (OoT)
-Title Theme (LoZ)
-Hyrule Field Main Theme (OoT)

Some additional info:

I originally wrote this medley as a demo for the fine people at VGL. My passion is arranging and orchestrating music for live musicians, and I've been a big fan of video game music for most of my life. I'm looking for ways to get involved with the video game music arranging community and when I asked his advice, Andrew Aversa pointed me toward OCR.

As for the arrangement itself, it takes a lot of ideas from a marching band field show I arranged when I was 14, which was never performed (definitely for the best). It's actually my first substantial attempt at arranging using samples, since most of my work is in writing for live musicians.

I hope you enjoy it and that it would be a good fit for OCR; I'd love to get involved with the community and find some more opportunities to arrange great video game music.

Link to the track on Soundcloud:

P.S, I'd be very willing to change the arrangement title if it doesn't fit your standards.

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Wow another really well done Zelda medley, this time in orchestral style.  Great dynamics here, transitions are pretty smooth.  Super use of samples, mixing is really good, tasteful reverb.  I'm inclined to say YES as long as this type of medley is ok.  It sounds really cohesive to me. 



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i apologize if i come across as too critical here given how obviously surehanded and experienced you are at doing this sort of thing but i'm also incredibly picky with zelda arrangements and not particularly fond of this style of medley lol

first things first, very ambitious effort stuffing this much source material into 6 plus minutes. Especially when it is in a station-to-station type of medley that moves much like a march or a parade as you suggested was part of the inspiration for this. in fact, that is my main criticism of the track; it's too dense and moves on too quickly at points. i am typically not a fan of these kinds of medleys because they feel gimmicky, rushed and, with the exception of a few of the themes, unexplored. i get that, in essence, the medley in and of itself is the exploration but it is a style that always feels like i'm being lead on a track at Jurassic Park and right when you get to the T-Rex and you wanna take a closer look, you literally have to jump out of the window just to do so... and this is no knock on your skills, dude, not at all; this is the same problem that i have with the VGL orchestral medleys and the Zelda in concert medleys and all the other ones as far as i'm concerned. 

THAT SAID (and now that i got my anti-station-to-station-medley bias out of the way) this is amazing haha what stands out to me is how considerably more creative a couple of the stops on your "parade" are than those of most medleys tend to be. for example, the lost woods usually gets butchered in zelda medleys because it's too goofy a source to quietly fit into the seriousness of an orchestral piece covering half a dozen tonally different sources but your arrangement of it is awesome. damn near cartoonish in the best way possible. very expressive arrangement that's full of action and ....well... BLAH< IT ENDS AFTER 30 SECONDS (I F'NNN HATE MEDLEYS, MAN. IT'S BASICALLY MUSIC FOR RITALIN BABY SMURFS lol). 

definitely change your title. i mean you don't have to but Zelda Medley 2014 isn't a title, it's a description. 

you kicked ass with this, bud. very pro work here. it's an easy yes. 



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I'm going to make myself a hypocrite here, after I voted NO on the other Zelda track with medleytits.  




The cognitive dissonance rattling around in my brain puts me at risk of serious cranial hemorrhage, but here's how i'm going force some retroactive congruence:  this is a phenomenal orchestration.  Extremely nuanced and dynamic, almost to a fault.  At some points it almost seems like you throw in something cute just to show off.  You stick to the source material in tone and style, but you extrapolate in a very tasteful and creative way.  


That said, I would much rather hear you arrange one song for three minutes than eight songs for six minutes.  If I ever need something orchestrated I'm calling you up.  Texting.  Whatever.  What do the kids...Instagram!  Whatever I'll snapkik you.


EDIT: Yeah you need to give this thing a title.

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We'll definitely need a new arrangement title, yes. :-)


On the production side, there were some brief moments where the samples were too exposed -- mostly instances of flat brass or unrealistic bow movements with the strings.


Arrangement-wise, the themes pieced together effectively, with a lot of care put into the transitions and flow, as well as personalizing the arrangements of each theme and providing good dynamic contrast throughout. The instrumental and textural changes kept the composition fresh throughout, the overall use of the samples was solid, and what this lacks in realism in places, it makes up for with creativity and energy.


Welcome aboard, Trevor! :-)



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  • Liontamer changed the title to (2014/08/27) *YES - TAG* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Hyrulean Overture #1"
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