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Looking for a soundtrack for a Street Fighter Parody

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Hey everyone,



I'm a motion graphic designer at a small firm in Ohio. Some of the programmers wanted to learn Unity, so we decided to collaborate to make a fighting game based in the 1800's. They've asked me to do the art and videos for the project, and it's time for me to figure out the audio.


Our industrial team is making a single custom cabinet for the game to live in. Even though it's a 1-off, I don't want to rip off Capcom's game audio, but I don't know where to get similar audio. I wondered if OCRemix could help.


- Do you you guys agree that using ripped sound FX is a bad idea? We don't want to sabotage ourselves in case the game gets any press or anything.


- Are private remixes an option? Do the musicians here ever lend their music to projects like this?


- If using remixes is an option, can anyone point me in the direction of someone who's work might be available?


Thanks in advance!!!


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Using ripped off SFX is definitely a bad idea, especially for a cool sounding project like this.


This prospect interests me and I would like to contribute to it. Are you looking for a group of contributions from different composers or one artist to do the whole thing?

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I'm actually still trying to figure out exactly what I'm looking for. :)


Think of it this way - I've replicated the whole SFII arcade experience and themed it, kind of like a parody. So, ideally I swap Capcom's music for original (or remixed?) audio and the length and arc of the songs matches. However, the setting is the late 1800's (but the style is 16 bit / arcade) so there's LOTS of room for creativity.


If I get multiple contributors or one collaborator, I'll be happy!


The real beauty of this project is the physical cabinet. If it helps recruit or inspire, I can ask my team if it's wise for me to spill the details online. There's a really clever twist.


I'll talk to my team and let you know. In the meantime, please keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

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I think the audio shouldn't be any reference to Street Fighter and should just be it's own, catchy set of tunes. One of the things that makes parodies successful is that not every aspect of the parody is designed to be a comical send-up of the original material. This is one of the reasons THIS IS SPINAL TAP became such a classic parody movie of rock bands in the 70s - the music itself was actually quite good.

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I'm sure Meteo is on top of this, but a few key points:

  • If it's only going to live in one physical cabinet which will never be sold for profit, you can really do whatever you like.  Even if the press covers it, you're not distributing it.
  • If you do decide to distribute it, a lot depends on the company who made the original music.  Square Enix will tear you a new one if you sample their stuff for any reason, or cover their stuff for money without licensing.  Capcom is generally OK with sampling in a free distribution and is easy to work with in general.
  • It sounds like you don't really want the original music, but rather the general feel of it--timbre and arrangement style, much like metaphist's fake Mega Man X soundtrack.  In which case, hitting up OCR is a great idea.  In fact, hitting up metaphist directly might not be a bad idea if Meteo doesn't take the whole thing on himself.  There are probably many folks here who'd like to contribute, on the condition that the release gets wider distribution than one physical cabinet.
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