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I'd like to introduce everyone to our new album Legacy Sessions: GAME Generation 5, a new album featuring classic melodies from the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation era, arranged and performed live by professional studio musicians. Please see the info below, and if you like the album please help spread the word because we'd like to make more of these from other gaming generations!
Follow Legacy Sessions on Twitter and Facebook, and visit the official website for future announcements and music video releases.
Lead arranger Casey Ormond--best known for his arrangements and performances on Piano Collections: Final Fantasy XII and Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces--leads a team of talented arrangers and musicians as they revisit several of the most memorable melodies from the 32-bit era including tributes to Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Super Mario 64, and more.
The album is fully licensed and available now for $12 via Loudr: Legacy Sessions: GAME Generation 5 on Loudr
The album is additionally available from iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.
The full track list for Legacy Sessions: GAME Generation 5:
01. Final Fantasy VII
02. The Curse of Monkey Island & Grim Fandango
03. Super Mario 64 & The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
04. Pokémon (Blue, Red, Yellow)
05. Super Mario 64
06. Chrono Cross
07. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
08. Silent Hill
09. Final Fantasy Tactics
10. Final Fantasy IX
11. Metal Gear Solid
12. Grandia (ft. With Ether)
"My goal as an arranger is to do more than just stir up nostalgia," reflects lead arranger Casey Ormond.
"Instead, I focus on experimenting with and combining iconic themes to spark the listeners' imagination, creating new thematic and musical narratives.
This is a method that I have refined through my piano works--Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY XII and Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces--and I hope that you enjoy discovering and rediscovering the classic music of the fifth generation of consoles!"
Additional arrangers include lead Valkyria Chronicles orchestrator Nicole Brady, Tristan Coelho, and guitar duo With Ether, who have recorded an energetic medley from Grandia.
The production of Legacy Sessions: GAME Generation 5 has been headed by producer Demetri Potiris, who has worked with both the Eminence Symphony Orchestra and the renowned sound studio of Hitoshi Sakimoto, Basiscape. His experience producing live game music events and recording sessions for original soundtracks like the Tactics Ogre remake, Tekken 6, and the Valkyria Chronicles series sparked his desire to produce Legacy Sessions, which has been planned as a series that will explore other gaming generations, including the 8-bit and 16-bit eras.
If you have any questions or comments on the album, it's production or game music in general, please let us know here!


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This is actually really good. Even on the interpretation level, I honestly think some of these should be submitted to OCR. I listened to that Super Mario 64 / Zelda:OoT mashup, and you had some pretty great chord progressions and melodic contour alterations from the originals, but I still recognized it. The mixing was impeccable and your dynamics were pretty excellent.


Were these in single full takes after lots of rehearsal, or performance segments stitched together?

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