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Metroid. Megaman III. I'd like to submit these. What do you all think???


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Sorry to say, but I would keep working on both of these. The Mega Man track had a lot of copy+paste, but the Metroid track had more textural development. The Metroid track can also use more arrangement development, variation, and dynamics; it feels like it doesn't really change gears past 4:04. The Metroid track is overall a bit better, but on both tracks, there seems to be a weird phaser effect on the violin, which felt like a muffled recording as a result. Both tracks had a strange, strained, overprocessed feel IMO. Dial back the effects and let the instruments breathe more.

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Hey there! Glad to see you posting in these forums. That very question you asked is very much why they're here. :)

I'd like to help by first stating that making a separate thread for each song that you post would help get each of them the attention that they deserve - people like to focus on one track at a time when they make posts. Two or more tracks in a thread generally leads to people ignoring the thread rather than giving it the attention you'd appreciate.

While I don't have the time to give too much detail right now, I did give Megaman a listen. I actually liked what you did with the arrangement in the second half - all that layering was pretty neat - but the production would affect it negatively on the panel, probably resulting in a 'No/resub', as far as posting is concerned.

Sorry for being brief (I normally give more details, when I'm not under time constraints!), but I do hope that helps you out a little bit. People here do like to give good advice, when they can!

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