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*NO* .hack//Infection 'Mon Ami!' *PROJECT*

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For Esther's Dreams album


Your ReMixer name: BONKERS
        Submission Information
        Name of game(s) arranged: .Hack//Infection
        Name of arrangement: "Mon Ami!"
        Name of individual song(s) arranged: Grunty Farm
        Link to the original soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJbL3qy-vds
        Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc:  Not sure if I have any comments, just because it's been like what..7 months since I finished mine and I never bothered to write anything down? haha I should've thought that one through! Guess i'll have to use this for my Sub comments too. Let's see if I can remember anything specific...hm.

Well, I I think I remember when going through potential material that I thought this would be a perfect fit for me. No one has ever really done remixes of .Hack// Music (Which is amazing and fantastic btw), and I always had a strange affliction for this song. Back when the games first came out, i'd try and play this song along on my guitar by ear, not very well mind you. I think this came out around the time I started playing guitar, so I can recall only getting parts of it right and always being really sloppy.  The song itself is very sweet and endearing, not to mention contextual somewhat to this situation! haha, in the game you can raise a Grunty (Think a Horse Crossed with a Pig , Crossed with a hippo ) from being born into various different adult forms that all have extremely silly accents and personalities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-zgFphbWZA "OHHHH MON AMI!! DO YOU NEEED MEE??"" XD

In regards to the arrangement, you know i'm drawing a blank almost.  I think I just sort of started coming up with random things I thought were relaxing and sounded good to my ears, I do remember that I wanted to use a thick synth bass and incorporate the music box somehow. By the end of the song, I even remember that I even threw in some modulation to different keys in the harmony, which I thought sounded really good. I do remember being proud by the end and I still listen to the song here and there, in fact it's probably the most pleasant and enjoyable remix i've made personally. It just clicks for me I guess!

Some months later, I also remember when I was playing through Arc The Lad again that there was a variation of the Four Great Generals of Romalia Theme that sounded just like my Grunty Remix! > Linkhttps://copy.com/dcq19WG7gGkR So I thought that was really funny!



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Very cute mix, plenty of source, fun interpretation.  Why does this mix sound so lossy though?  I think it's cute and creative enough but it's very fuzzy and lossy.  I'm a conditional yes if we get a clean render.  If it's more than just an overdriven limiter though, the mixing will need to be revisited.


YES (conditional, need clean render)

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Yeah, the mix is a lot of fun, and there's a lot of nice elements going on here, but the sound definitely is not feeling clear enough overall. I'd love a judge with some more technical knowledge to be able to pin this down and give some good feedback on what needs to be done here. I'll also nitpick that the transition to the music box ending is pretty abrupt and could use a better transition. 


NO (resubmit, please)

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It sounds like it's being compressed a bit hard, or bitcrushed a bit, though the spectrum itself looks mostly fine. It is likely that it is a bit crowded in the lows, make sure everything below 50hz is rolled of, and that there is not too much conflict at 200hz. 


The arrangement is pretty nice. I think cleaning up some of the incidental frequencies is going to be what puts this over. The abrupt change to the ending would work if the build was larger overall, and the music box length was doubled. Good stuff overall, just needs some minor tweaks to be tipped over.


No, please resubmit

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Skillful sound design. Good ear for layers. Cool use of light percussion elements and unusual rhythms to build dynamics.


Production does have occasional distortion and noticeable midrange bias. I agree less compression and a compensated mix could be a big improvement. Especially when making synth dominated soundscapes with minimal percussion, it is effective to find creative ways for accenting high and sub frequencies (observing human hearing range, highs are most sensitive, bass are most foundational). this mix biases the midrange, and compression amplifies the effect. However, I think the track is really well done in reference to arrangement, clarity of elements, style, guts.


edit: thought about it and decided to switch my vote. pushing for that extra refinement.



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Yeah, this just needs a revisit on the mixing desk. Lose some of the compression (vibes especially), give the mix room to breathe, don't try and force so many elements into the same volume levels. It's like there was a really good arrangement and really good sound design and then the volume faders just weren't touched at all. There's too much trying to live in the midrange--some careful EQing and volume automation should fix this right up. Another thing that may help is a little more attention to the dynamics of the instruments as well--sequence them in such a way that the energy is managed more carefully, not all at the same velocity (or at least that's how it currently sounds).


It's close, let's see this one back soon!

NO (resub!)

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