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OCR03278 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'stratification'

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it's been a while, good people at ocr!
like for most people playing through chrono trigger for the first time, reaching zeal was breathtaking.  its disconcerting ethos, and the wonder of a fantastical city suspended above the clouds, were perfectly captured by a rookie mitsuda in his seminal 1995 soundtrack (of which the 19 oc remixes of corridors of time alone are inarguably a testament to).
in my mind, the island of zeal's vertical positioning with respect to the earthbound ones was/is an elegant metaphor for the social stratification present in trigger's era of antiquity.  that image went a long way as i constructed this homage to a composer who has greatly influenced this small voice in a great sea of admirers.
appreciate your consideration!
- melody



source (you don't need this): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNzYIEY-CcM






remixer name: melody


real name: peter kim



userid: 29447




game: chrono trigger


name of arrangement: stratification


name of song arranged: corridors of time


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Wow. I can't remember the last time a remix had this much of an impact on me as a listener. This mix ascends to new heights for an artist who has already has an incredible catalog of previous works under his belt. In my opinion, this is melody's magnum opus - a rich, colorful interpretation, skillfully produced, performed, and arranged in a way that perfectly captures the true spirit of an incredible source tune.


While the main highlight here is certainly Peter's dynamic, emotive soloing, this is worth another listen or two just to pick out all of the minute details in the backing instrumentation. By the same token, it's also very easy to throw this on repeat, let yourself get lost in the swirling, delay-laden atmosphere and just enjoy the vibe. This is an excellent example of a remix that can resonate with listeners on many different levels.


Truly remarkable.


The only reason I paneled this was to do a source check for sanity... The very long extended solo sections cast some doubt about whether there'd be enough - certainly this track gets very noodly but the choir helps throw some recognizable Corridors of Time usage during those portions that I think push it over the edge. I could see how there could be some variance in opinion with other judges.


0:00 - :10 - [10s]

:30 - :46 [16s]

:46 - 1:20 [34s]

1:26 - 1:37 [11s]

1:45 - 1:56  [11s]

2:46 - 3:12 [26s]

3:16 - 3:47 [31s]


139s / 236s = 58.4% (very rough timestamps but this is well over the bar for me.)



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I think I'm hearing more source than Wes has timestamped, mostly because the backing arp is there a lot of the time, and even during the soloing the chord progression is going on in the bass and backing elements, or the choir is carrying it.  When the guitar plays the source melody, it is recognizable but with such awesome variation.  I'm not having an issue with source.


During the breakdown starting at 2:00 the soundscape goes lo-fi.  I'm not sure I'm completely onboard with that idea.  The return to clarity at 2:36 is abrupt and a bit jarring.  Regardless, this is a great track.  The guitar and bass playing are absolutely ace.  Lots of detail in the mix as Wes pointed out.  Very enjoyable listen.  Very easy yes.



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I'm not an expert of the Chrono soundtrack, but I think I'm hearing enough source usage here. The lead really makes you forget about some of the other elements (in a good way), due to the face meltingness of the almost nonstop solo.


Great production, everything has its place. Nice use of breakdowns with varied ideas each time. I wish the bass was a little louder cause there's some nice little licks in there, but I think this is good to go. Great playing, definitely brings the feels.



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