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*NO* GoldenEye 007 'Intruder Alert'

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Game - Goldeneye 007 (N64)
Name of arrangement - Intruder Alert
Name of original song - Runway
Personal comments - 
Graeme Norgate has been inspiring me since I was a little kid with his contribution to Goldeneye 007's OST. There was a certain sound that you hear in this remix that was used a lot in the original OST. I reached out to Graeme and asked him, "Man, I've been wondering what this certain sound was for years! Where is it from?"
Here is his exact reply - "About 3 years ago, I thought I'd write a blog about that sound... I still haven't done it, but the amount of times, this questions comes up, I really should :)

The "pole" sound you refer to, is called infinite and was from the Proteus FX sound module.

There's a similar type of sound on the Roland R8 drum machine.. Spark and Thriller. But the Proteus is the one that was used on Goldeneye."
He then provided me links to help me find that "pole" sound from the Proteus FX sound module. Once I discovered it I figured it was time to make a remix of one of my favorite songs from the game! I used the same exact sound from the Proteus FX. There's a digital copy of the sounds available here - https://www.digitalsoundfactory.com/products/e-mu-proteus-2
Special thanks to Graeme Norgate for finally helping me figure out what that "pole" sound was and for inspiring me to enter the video game industry. You rock!
Link to remix - 
I can change the encoding if needed - I still have the original project file.
Thanks for listening to my submission! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! :)
- John Montoya
P.S. if this get's accepted and you find grammatical errors in my "Personal comments" sections, please feel free to correct them. :P
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Your mix comes in at a relatively a good start. Bit crushed percussion and a choir set the mood, with an accompanying synth apprego of the original source bringing that spy like tension. Your choice of sounds here are serviceable, although some of your synth lines would benefit greatly from some tweaking over time to keep them fresh. Other parts like your strings are very rigid and feel unnatural and could do with some humanisation.

Arrangement wise, there is a bit to be done here - your mix is close to a straight up cover of the original track, with not much original material thrown in. Your drums also stood out as being repetitive, playing close to the same pattern throughout the entire track when they're present. 

In comparison to the other track elements, the drums in your mix are quite low in volume, and sound somewhat muffled compared to the surrounding instruments. As far as the mixing goes for the other parts of your track, things are pretty clear, good job with that.

Your main challenge with this mix really is varying up your arrangement from the original, and adding in something new of your own creation. At present this is too straight up cover like for OCR. If you do decide to make some changes and resub, remember we need an MP3 and not a WAV file for submission.

As a side note, this also may fall outside of the acceptable source material guidelines due to the bond theme being fairly prominent for half the track (which I did note the original source contains), but we'll see what the others say.



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A WAV file's actually fine nowadays; internet speed's much better these days, so we can handle it. :-)

Arrangement-wise, the melodic treatment was generally too conservative, with most of the lead and supporting part-writing retained wholesale from the original, so I definitely agreed with Jive's assessment. It's not just the melody being so similar but the instrumentation and tone. It's definitely a nice step up from the sound of the N64 version, John, but it's too close, beats aside. Solid cover, but not interpretive enough.

Small thing, but the brief move to the vox at 1:44 was a nice touch; would have liked to have heard more original writing tied to that part, because it sounded beautiful.

Also keep in mind, these days, any Bond game arrangement needs very limited usage of the non-VGM Bond music to be posted on OCR, otherwise even a great submission will get rejected on the grounds of using too much non-VGM music in the arrangement, which we've had to do in the past. (The older posted GoldenEye mixes that do this are grandfathered in before we explicitly disallowed extensive non-VGM usage.)

So, on a technicality, even if everything was awesome, if there was a lot of Monty Norman Bond theme usage, we'd reject it, I'm afraid.




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