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*NO* Wild Arms 'Mountains and Golems'

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Ultimately I think the kick & snare might be too overpowering :) But worthwhile listen, needs some feedbacks!
- djp

Hey guys,
Just wanted to submit a remix I did of 'Into the Wilderness' From the game WILD ARMS. This is my first time submitting, Song title was "Wilderness" but after reading the guidelines how about "Mountains and Golems" 
Thank you,

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Into the Wilderness is a great and iconic early Playstation song, and it's good to hear it get some arrangement love now and again. It starts out pretty subdued, with a nice lead up, and a solid soundscape, but DANG, are those drums over-ARMed! The volume of them needs to come down a good deal, as they are way overpowering the rest of the track. Even if the rest of the song was going a lot harder than it currently is, they would be too much, and with it retaining it's dreamy feel, it's complete overkill. 


I think beyond that, the melodic line needs to be a bit more prominent, and there needs to be further expansion of the themes. You've led up to them well with the intro, but once everything hits, it stays at that level for the remainder of the song, before semi-abruptly ending. I think reducing the drum volume, then doing some melodic and harmonic expansion on the second repetition of the theme would really improve this as a track, but at it's current state, it still has a really nice mood and soundscape. I'd love to hear this improved upon and resubmitted.


No, please resubmit

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OA hit the nail on the head with this. The beats are absolutely blown out of proportion to the point where they are dominating the rest of the track. There's some potential in the chill atmosphere you created but the beats absolutely need to be brought down to a reasonable volume level, and the arrangement needs to be fully fleshed out... right now, it cuts off completely without a clean fade or resolution. I would love to hear some additional melodic components brought in once the song hits full-swing to really flesh out your interpretation.


Past that, check out your hi-hat velocities - right now, it feels like they're riding at a very similar velocity level, which gives this a very mechanical groove.


This needs quite a bit of polish and additional development but you've showed some cool concepts here. Take another pass at this track if you feel up to it. If not, take some of this advice to heart and double-down on your next attempt. Either way, keep at it!



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Wow, dem drums.  I can't tell if the kick itself is distorted or if it is just causing distortion when it hits, perhaps both are the case.  The track's waveform is clearly distorted and clipping on the right side, just the right side is all squared off and squashed, which is odd.  I think that kick is the biggest problem, it is taking up so much headroom that I'm seeing a reading of -3.7db RMS which is so loud as to be completely ludicrous.  The kick is too loud and you probably have some low-end garbage on the sample as well, causing a DC offset that is stealing your headroom.  By chance do you have the kick panned slightly to the right?  Check the drums, lower the kick and snare, eq any subsonic garbabe out of your kick, and also the hats are really repetitive.  I agree that the arrangement needs some more polish and development, but this is a decent start.  Make sure you render your entire track including any reverb tail.


NO (resubmit)

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