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*NO* Final Fantasy 6 & Bravely Default 'Anathema, Quietus & Apotheosis'

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Contact Information

>       ReMixer name: HeavenWraith
>       Real name: Antanas Palaitis
>       E-mail: 
>       Website: http://www.heavenwraithmusic.net
>       Forum user ID: 50325

Submission Information

>       Game: Final Fantasy VI, Bravely Default
>       ReMix Name: Anathema, Quietus & Apotheosis
>       Original Name: Dancing Mad, Under the Duchy's Banner
>       Original Author: Uematsu Nobuo, Kamanaka "Revo" Yasuo (I think officially the artist of the OST album is Linked Horizon)
>       Link to the file: 
My second attempt at symphonic metal take on Dancing Mad... with bonus content from Bravely Default. I think the two themes blended together quite well. The mixing stage of the production process took the most time and effort, however provided a lot of experience - next time I'll know not to do 50% stuff I did this time around. Picking Nightwish as a role model for mixing/mastering was a really bad idea, mainly because I don't have the excuse of saying "Hey, you can hear the soloist vocals, right? Who the hell cares if you can't tell apart every instrument/voice of the orchestra/choir." Aaaaand I had to fit things into 192kbps, which was rather jarring this time around.
On a brighter note, I think it turned out quite well overall. Choir harmony turned out good, orchestra (though not always noticable) gives a nice touch and the guitar solos, though not the best I've made, turned out quite well. The sources nicely reinforced the punchy feel of the piece.

Not sure if it's necessary to post elvish/orcish/dwarwish/druidtounge lyrics, but I'll append them anyway:

Seiya! Nodire, fonite ha! Nohime, terichiha! Nodire, forite ha! Nohime.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Siiya! Ha! Ha! Haa fiya, esentia di noche. Doria vayule nomine.

(Sopranos/Altos) Ya! Nodire, fonite ha! Nohime, terichiha! Nodire, fonite ha! Nohime.
(Tenors/Basses) Nofe sontiiya hedomi norde sorahi forte naah. Nofe sontiiya hedomi norde sorahi forte naah.

Fanta disonya diverta hamonya he! Norte fahanya dife mi.
Fanta disonya diverta hamonya he! Norte fahanya dife! Kamye!

Sotiya forte distanda diverta nihanye.
(Sopranos/Altos) Maya farado.
(Tenors/Basses) Maya kavera nihaye farado.
Sotiya forte distanda diverta nihanyama, fanimaya winasoye!

(Sopranos/Altos) Ya! Nodire, fonite ha! Nohime, terichiha! Nodire, fonite ha! Nohime.
(Tenors/Basses) Nofe sontiiya hedomi norde sorahi forte naah. Nofe sontiiya hedomi norde sorahi forte naah.

Sotiya farati hafareya! Sona! Fiya!

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Nice source choices, i'm always up to get more Bravely Default on the site! :-)


The organ and choir sound great, though the guitar tone is pretty thin, and the bass is pretty muddy. The guitar fits well into the mix when a lot is going on, and the organ is filling in spots in the frequency spectrum, but when it is more exposed it isn't near as strong. I recommend for that specific section to amp the guitar part differently with a fuller and more mid-heavy tone, and use the thinned sound for the parts of the song that have a lot going on.


The arrangement is pretty great, however, with a lot of really cool solos and a good mix of source. The metal march with the choir and organ is epic, and there is some pretty good expansion, with some good riffing added to the piece via the guitars, and some really nice drum writing. I think the drums could stand to be cleaned up a bit, as the snare especially feels weak and unfocused. I think having a sharper crack and a more compressed sound would help it fit into the soundscape and cut a lot more. Also having the beater for the kick would make it feel a bit more prominent, and sidechaining the bass with the kick would help it come through more. 


I ran into a lot of these similar pitfalls on several of my orchestra + metal ReMixes, so if you would like some additional detailed assistance and feedback on cleaning up the low end, feel free to PM me, and we can go through the song one instrument at a time.


Arrangement is ace, but the production this ambitious needs more polish.


No, please resubmit

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Andrew has some great advice here overall. I agree that the arrangement is a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed where you took the track. The production overall isn't quite there; I found a lot of spots where things are fighting for control and I wasn't sure what to focus on. I think bringing your leads out just a hair more might help this out, but I'd first take OA's advice to heart. Hope to hear this again!


NO (resubmit, please)

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  • DragonAvenger changed the title to 2015/02/18 - (2N) Final Fantasy 6 & Bravely Default 'Anathema, Quietus & Apotheosis'

Nice ideas showcased so far. Overall I enjoy the progression, changes in pace and the varied sections you have across the mix. Arrangement is fine with no real issues.

I feel the guitar is the weakest link in your mix when it comes to the first half of the track. It doesn't vary in playing much and the chosen tone is quite thin, making it more exposed in the mix. That said it really picks up at 2:13 and is much more complementary to the mix with some rockin soloing, which was a great surprise. I feel this progression works as is and makes the song build up nicely as it goes along, but the guitar would benefit from being brought out more.

You also need to work on your clarity a bit so that your parts are more audible. Your have a busy stereo space which works, but some parts are stepping on others, and your bass is a bit muddy. I recommend some mixing tweaks to open up that space to remove some of the cloudiness. I also thought your drums were a bit quiet for my tastes.

I think you're very close with this one. Work on your mixing and you should be good to go.


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