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OCR03298 - *YES* Tiny Barbarian DX ''Vators Gonna Bait'

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Don't know the sources well, but it's Hylian so it's probably dope. Also mix title lolz.



ReMixer: Hylian Lemon
Game: Tiny Barbarian DX
System: PC
Composer: Jeff Ball
Arrangement title: 'Vators Gonna Bait
Songs arranged: Rebirth, Haters Gonna Hate

Jeff Ball has written and performed in a number of ReMixes here. I'd like to help get him represented as a composer as well, so here's an arrangement I made in early 2015 for shadow24's Artist Appreciation Competition. In typical Hylian Lemon fashion, I started with a plan for one source tune and ended up including two; it's an easy way to churn up arrangement ideas without straying too far from what made the originals great.

And the originals are definitely great. "Rebirth" really stuck with me because it ends with a hilariously well-choreographed moment that toys with your expectations. It's among my favorite examples of good integration of music, gameplay, and emotions. I recommend checking out the game, the soundtrack, and Jeff's beard if you haven't already.
Sources for reference:
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I feel like this is actually a fairly conservative arrangement, and a lot of the backing instrumentation doesn't really change up as much as I'd like, but there's just enough variation there to where it doesn't get old before the song is over. The chord change halfway through was a welcome addition, and helped the song avoid overstaying its welcome. It's simple, but I'm hearing plenty of source in there, and it's nice to see a Tiny Barbarian mix up in here. Great soundtrack! Mix is clean and nothing is harsh or grating, per usual HL standards. I'm sold.



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