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Sweet Sixteen - Happy Birthday OCR!

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Holy shit, 16 years.  I found the site about a year into its existence, back when most of the remixes were posted by djpretzel (I also downloaded my fair share of McVaffe (whose midi's I had listened to well before the foundation of the site), Scott Peebles, and AmIEvil remixes).  I even still have a large number of those original files (with albums tagged as "http://remix.overclocked.org/").  

I had been an avid fan of video game music before the days of mp3 when all I would have to listen to were midis and songs in Module file formats (MOD, S3M, XM, etc).  Most of you kids wouldn't remember those days, but the advent of the mp3 changed things so much, allowing for a site like OCR to even exist.  I owe so much of my music library to OCR, and it's helped me maintain my interest in and love for video game music into adulthood.  It's helped me expand my taste in and appreciation for different kinds of music, and I still rely on the site for providing me with new music even today. That's not to say that I also don't occasionally enjoy looking through old remixes and reminiscing about when I first downloaded some of them a decade ago :)

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