Super Mario RPG_ Goodbye Geno

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Hey guys!!

So I made this flute + piano cover of Goodbye Geno from Super Mario RPG. It's finished, but I'm not completely satisfied with it yet, so I might make a remake of it. Fun fact, this is already the 3rd remake. I'm a bit worried that it might be too hard to detect the source, and there are a few wrong notes in the piano. The flute playing isn't flawless as well. But since I might remake it anyway I didn't want to bother with the minor details too much. A few things I'm not sure about is the recording quality, the source appearance, the length, the tempo swing, the abstractism. 

The cover is inspired by GENTLE LOVE, as they are totally awesome. 

Any feedback or opinions regarding the things I pointed out, some things I didn't point out and even things that were already quite okay anyway is greatly appreciated and will earn my eternal gratitude!! :)




My thingy:



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The piano doesn't sound as full as it should, there's a lack of low end to it, or it sounds more distant compared to the woodwind.

The woodwind seems to be way more (4:00~ ouch!) in front compared to the piano a lot of the time, where this piece feels like it should be more of a duet, having both instruments in front or playing leads.  30 seconds of silence at the end can be cut too.

5 minutes seem too long as well.  The parts where you kinda just go off in a random tangent feel unnecessary, like someone is saying goodbye and is about to leave, but then they forget one thing, then they start talking to someone, and they keep saying they're going to go but it's been 20 minutes now.  Simplifying and shortening would make the overall piece stand out better.

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Thanks for the feedback!!!


I made a new version, which is shorter and more source oriented. I also tried to make the piano sound fuller, and I think it's better now.

So, if anyone has some more improvements, or just some general advise. Or maybe something that he or she really liked, then be sure to let me know!! 



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Hey there! I'd be happy to post some thoughts! For the record, I'm listening to the most recent version, and I have not heard the previous one.

 - The piano sounds alright, pretty and bright - I'd like to hear the mids and lows brought out a bit more - it feels light and soft and when the flute comes in, they tend to occupy the same space, and the mix comes out feeling like a bit much on the high end.

 - The passage that starts @ 1:09 is very pretty - it's one of the highlights of the track for me. Again, I feel like the mids and lows need to be tweaked a bit.

 - A few off/sloppy notes, but generally a good listen all around, the song has a lot of heart and is really pretty, but the mixing can be pretty rough in certain areas, at some points the flute is so loud and bright that it gets a bit painful for me on headphones, that's saying a lot because I'm usually the guy that makes that very mistake! Try toning the flute down through some of the louder areas of the track.

Hope it helps!

 - Dusty

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