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Merry Steam-mas!

The Damned

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So, I've got a few extra games in my inventory, gifts from people, stuff I've bought but never installed... and I figure, fuck it. Might as well give them to someone that will actually play them, right? I've already given a few away to some other people on OCR, but I figure it would be easier to do it this way. I've got the following left:

Guns of Icarus Online- I bought a four-pack during a Steam Sale... but I've never been able to get rid of that last copy. Everyone I know has it already (and at least a few of them got it from me in the first place).

Darksiders II: Death Lives - Super hard monster combat with brutal brutality? Not my cup of tea. I like my monsters like I like my women: small, harmles and rendered in sprite format (plus realize that is just a poorly thought out joke)

Rising Storm GOTY Edition - I honestly don't know where this one came from. I'm not into WW2 FPSs. I think there's Nazis in it?

Proteus - A 3D adventure(?) game! With colors! And movement! Maybe sound! But it needs a lot more guns, that shoot things like acid rockets or exploding monster trucks. Maybe some incendiary water balloons would shake it up a bit.

Any one here that wants any of these games, just say so. Everyone on my Steam Friends List has been given what I had and they wanted, so now it's time for anyone that isn't on my list to take a shot.

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I once attended a paper arguing for an understanding of Proteus as a 20th-century aleatoric composition that takes in video game inputs to determine what pitches are played (based on interactions with trees, critters, etc.)

I own it already but wanted to let people know that if you're into as much randomization as possible, that pushes the boundaries neatly.

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