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  1. I wasn't sure where else to put it.
  2. Interesting... https://www.thefarside.com/
  3. Unfortunately, the Super Nintendo version of Aladdin isn't included...
  4. Pipez

    Sega Genesis Mini

    If you were curious about the various menu music and layout...
  5. M2 is involved! Also, here's the various final lineups...
  6. So the Season 3 poster dropped at SDCC...
  7. Now with a demonstration of all the characters, including the new ones.
  8. And now for a video on the game's music...
  9. From the same animation team behind the Dragon Quest movie...
  10. Pipez

    River City Girls

    So looks we have another River City game coming out...
  11. So another trailer dropped:
  12. Pipez

    Sega Genesis Mini

    Unfortunately, Sonic 3 has licensing issues.
  13. Pipez

    Sega Genesis Mini

    I'm still hoping for Rocket Knight Adventures.
  14. Pipez

    Sega Genesis Mini

    The next 10 games have been revealed:
  15. Not sure how many trailers they have left for this.