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  1. Pipez

    Sega Genesis Mini

    Unfortunately, Sonic 3 has licensing issues.
  2. Pipez

    Sega Genesis Mini

    I'm still hoping for Rocket Knight Adventures.
  3. Pipez

    Sega Genesis Mini

    The next 10 games have been revealed:
  4. Not sure how many trailers they have left for this.
  5. Pipez

    Sega Genesis Mini

    Next 10 games have been revealed.
  6. So it looks like Capcom is jumping on the recent Plug N Play bandwagon for their arcade stuff... http://www.capcomhomearcade.com/home
  7. I meant in the sense that the material sometimes doesn't do him any favors. No matter how good an actor someone is, sometimes you can't rise above a weak script. Though I did enjoy the first Deadpool movie (haven't seen the second). I do wish it had been more satirical.
  8. Looks like the director of Kong: Skull Island really enjoyed it.
  9. Granted I think a bit of that is the material he's given.
  10. Pipez

    Sega Genesis Mini

    Forgot to mention this, but Yuzo Koshiro (Streets of Rage) is doing the menu music.
  11. So it looks like there's going to be a feature length Dragon Quest movie...
  12. Pipez

    Sega Genesis Mini

    Yeah, 40. I goofed.
  13. Good News everyone! Looks like Sega has decided to go with M2, so emulation won't likely be a problem with this one. Also, it will use the 3 button layout, unless you go with the Japanese version. So far only 10 out of 40 games have been revealed, which includes: Altered Beast Castlevania: Bloodlines Comix Zone Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine Ecco the Dolphin Gunstar Heroes Shining Force Sonic The Hedgehog Space Harrier II ToeJam & Earl https://iearths.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-sega-genesis-mini-comes-home-this.html
  14. Forgot to mention that Jake Kaufman was involved with the track.
  15. The Moon theme makes its return...
  16. I wonder if there's any werewolf Pokemon (ie Dusk form Lycanroc) to be encountered on the moors at night...