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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 - Temporal Tower Remix


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I love that you remixed this wonderful track (many times, it seems)! And I like the arrangement direction you took with it; that style of liquid-ey drumstep is a favorite of mine. 

I keep finding myself wanting more out of the lush saw chords you have. If the percussion wasn't the hard-hitting EDM kick and snare that it is, it might be perfect, but it feels like it's setting a certain intensity that the backing instruments don't meet. Other than that, though, it was well-enjoyed.

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Yeah, I'd have to agree with DevilBeats; the poly supersaws you have can have more interesting filter motion, and maybe some rhythmic interest to get them to provide the hype you're trying to bring. I keep wanting to hear a Reese or a more interesting bass as well, in addition to the semi-random wub bass you bring in every now and then. Also, you should add more variation in the second half where you have a lot of copy+paste. Go all the way; don't just stop here. (And the ReMix stops without fading out all the way.)

In terms of Sound Design, this is maybe 70% there for me.

In terms of arrangement... maybe 60% there. Needs that variation in the second half to differentiate from the first half.

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First, I noticed we were late to respond to your last eval (then mod review) request, too. You know you can just PM some of us when we're being slow, right? You're promised an eval by using the eval tag, so if you're not getting one, we're the one at fault. That goes for everyone here. More info in the eval thread.

The source sounds like Hiroki Kikuta's work on the Mana games, so I already like it. And I know it's been remixed before, with pretty nice results. Good choice of source.

There's something about the chiptuney lead choice and elements of its writing that's typical of a lot of remixers. To me, it mostly brings to mind TGH's originals and BGC's chiptune album, both of which I've enjoyed a lot. TGH remixed this source too, through to a different sound. The combo of those elements and the big, hard-hitting drums isn't something I've heard too much of, and it's a nice, dramatic combo. I've got no complaints about the sound design, and there are plenty of very cool sounds in here.

Source is there, handled creatively enough for ocr, although there's parts that I feel are unnecessarily changed, going into soloing where the source would have sufficed, and felt a bit forced because of it. Arrangement bookends, which is nice. It sometimes feels like the arrangement is a sequence of cool ideas put together without much thought to the overall structure, though each of them works well on their own, and the transitions aren't jarring or anything.

There's not much need for humanization in a track like this, but the guitar-like sound starting around 1:54 feels like it's supposed to be more human than that. It's a small part of the remix overall, but its more natural sound makes it stand out. Not in a bad way at all, quite the opposite, but also in a way that highlights it... and its mechanical sequencing. Humanizing that bit would do a lot for the track overall.

My default take on compression is that if I notice it, then it's too much. In electronic genres, I'm a little more tolerant, but I find it a bit excessive here. But only some of the time. It's as if you had two sets of similar drums, one side-chained to the compressor and the other not. It could be an effect of the lead's envelope, where the effect of a lead line ending together with a big drum makes the drum seem like it's compressing more than it actually is. The dynamics of the supersaws behind it all being heavily affected by it adds to this effect. I don't think it's at a point where the track would be rejected for it.

The frequency balance could probably stand to be a little brighter, to have a little more highs. This is something you should mix to taste, with some well-mixed reference tracks for comparison.

The clock effect at the end is a nice touch. I think it should continue for a little longer, either fade with the epiano or end some other way, because it currently just stops, which sounds... wrong.

It can always be better, but I wouldn't mind having this in my ocr playlists. I think it's good enough for ocr. Nice work.

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22 hours ago, Rozovian said:

To me, it mostly brings to mind TGH's originals

Oh my god, funny you should say that! I'm actually friends with TGH and he has taught me quite a few things! The synth (I'm guessing the one at 0:41) is actually a synth that I tried to make sound like one of the leads he uses a lot. Really glad to hear that it worked out well! :D

I have followed what you said and tried my best to follow your criticisms and submitted it. Thanks so much for helping me out!

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I was thinking this could have been a collab, with Kamex being the collab project's account. I didn't want to make any assumptions, but I'm glad I could spot the influence, and apparently, so are you. If this is rejected, it'll probably be for arrangement, or for a myriad of small issues that just collectively annoys the judges too much for them to approve it. Even so, it'll be more useful feedback from a few more people. Great work regardless, I hope you're making progress on other music as well.

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