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  1. This thread seems like it's got a lot more potential, if there were more people that contributed. I doubt it's /that/ popular of a subject, but then again I'm one of those weird guys who's into the gritty details of theory and comp. If anyone else wants to bring this thread back to life, I think it could be a fun general hangout for some of us music nerds, studying comp and sound design of vidya music. Props to OP as well; I'd never heard the Silver Surfer OST before today. I am a changed man.
  2. Hey Tuberz, I've been trying to PM you for the past five days, but the replies keep getting denied with a giant 404. I'm trying to figure out what the heck's going on. If you check out the top of my SoundCloud, though, (link should be in the last PM I sent) you can hear my WIP thus far.
  3. So is this gonna be a thing or what?
  4. Hey, just sent a PM about e102's theme. I'd also be down for collab work if anyone's interested, I do jazz, orchestral, EDM, tension, soundtrack-ey stuff, as well as mixing and mastering. Gosh I love this ost. I'm excited to hear what the other inclusions sound like.
  5. Overall a very good metal cover! I think the track works very well for this genre. The harmonic minor licks at 0:10 and such are neat but I feel the delay effect you have layered over those sections brings too many unwanted clashing notes.
  6. I almost missed the fact that other instruments were present. The hi-hat, kick and bass were almost unnoticeable. The piano line (Nexus?) was pleasant though. Regarding the repetition: at the trap 'drop' you're going for, it may be a good idea to do a lot less with the piano, or remove it entirely so the other instruments have enough room to breathe. Like, chord stabs or something, just enough to float over the hi-hats and bass. Also the atmospheric pad you have from 1:13 on is dissonant enough, but it really does clash against the lilting piano. As far as mixing goes, I agree with Smooth4lyfe: definitely lower the piano a bit and raise everything else. And look up 'sidechain ducking', it's quite a useful tool. Keep making more, though! I look forward to more! :3
  7. I love that you remixed this wonderful track (many times, it seems)! And I like the arrangement direction you took with it; that style of liquid-ey drumstep is a favorite of mine. I keep finding myself wanting more out of the lush saw chords you have. If the percussion wasn't the hard-hitting EDM kick and snare that it is, it might be perfect, but it feels like it's setting a certain intensity that the backing instruments don't meet. Other than that, though, it was well-enjoyed.
  8. Greetings, OCR! I've submitted this track to the inbox already, I just wanted to hear some feedback from you guys. Yes, it is finished. I reimagined Gaster's Theme from Undertale into what I think his battle theme would sound like! And since Toby Fox is so big on leitmotif, I figure I'd incorporate the same compositional elements that he did. There's bits from the CORE theme, as well as Bonetrousle. While this is technicaly my first submission here, I've produced elsewhere for a good 6 years or so. Hope y'all enjoy. :3 SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/audio_anomaly/metaphysical
  9. I love this one. The mix is solid, the instrumentation is nice, especially the vibes solo in the middle, I just... I couldn't get myself to like the lead that you chose for the main melody bits. It felt too jarring to me. Still, definitely a favorite rendition of this theme so far!
  10. The arrangement is solid, actually; I enjoy the sections like 0:30 the most. But, the mix doesn't make me feel a lot of impact. It's quiet and a lot of the backing sounds kind of muddle together.
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