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Awesome static art in the video.  Where do people get this stuff!?  (In a good way, baby!)

Nothing all that original until 1:20.  I think using a synth package that sounded different than the original 8-bit synths could have done this arrangement a favor.  During the first couple minutes, I thought I was listening to a slowed down version of the original.  Your development section is enticing, I just wished you carried it even further away from the original so I could here your interpretation!  At 2:21, you have an awesome syncopated 16th note motive (3+3+2) that I just LOVE.  I wish I could have heard some more of that business.

Getting mileage out of the source material... I debated arranging this, but I wasn't quite up to the challenge until I heard your cover of it.  Thank you for opening a creative door for me.  I was having a hard time developing the motives in this song - will think further on it.

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hahaha this one is fun! I like how it's now DnB but still maintains the spider environment. Mostly because of the 16th notes. Sound exactly like the spider legs crawling.

I agree with Hank's comment, though I don't mind it's not original. Wished you would have gone even further. It sounds really awesome!

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Thanks for the feedback guys! The use of the chiptune style melodies similar to the original was a personal stylistic choice, because I just love that sound and try to reference it in all my tracks and remixes.

The artwork I had commissioned specially for this track, my friend did a great job drawing it :)

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