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How to extract SFPack files on a Mac OS X

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step 1.) bend over, put your head between your legs.

step 2.) pucker up.

step 3.) ???????????

step 4.) profit

in other words, you are screwed. the creators of SFPack pretty much disappeared off the face of the planet. and to the best of my knowledge, nobody has tried to pick up after them. so that leaves SFPack a pretty much dead format.

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This thread was probably migrated from phpbb, maybe the views were calculated differently.

Or maybe more people browse old threads than thought (p-i-t certainly found it)

Or, yeah, there's likely less interest in this forum than there was before.

A bummer if true, since this is the only part of the whole site I frequent.

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This thread is the first Google result for "sfpack osx"

Just a quick note on what I believe is the best (free) solution, if you have an Intel mac:

- install wine and winebottler

- download sfpack for windows

- extract the zip file

- launch winebottler

- create custom prefix

- choose the sfpack.exe file

- check "copy only"

- click Install

- when it's done, locate the newly created

- ctrl+click, show package contents

- navigate to Contents/Resources/drive_c/winebottler

- copy over the DLL and CHM files from the original sfpack zip

- launch

- profit

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