*NO* Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 'Shadow Swarm'

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To whomever it may concern,

I have covered the track "Unavoidable Battle" from the video game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. Here is the file.
Here is some information about the song itself:
- Game - Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
- Submission Title - Shadow Swarm
- Original Song Title (from the game) - Unavoidable Battle
- Original Composer - Shoji Meguro
- Other comments:
I've always wanted to combine the two things I love most: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal and Persona. I have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to "turning up" the original arrangements. This cover was completely rebuilt and recorded from the ground up, using the original melody as a basis, as well as adding very low-tuned guitars and bass as well as thrash-metal style drumming. Also, while creating this cover, I wanted to be different from the original, so I came up with a very polyrhythmic breakdown and a half-timed breakdown outro, inspired by the Djent movement of Progressive Metal. This makes the arrangement more frantic and chaotic than the original, befitting as this song plays when the party cannot escape a battle. While making this cover, I have also assembled a "Persona 3 Band" and gave them individual parts:
- Band Name: The Execution Squad
- Rhythm Guitars = Yukari Takeba
- Lead Guitars = P3 Protag (I will call him Makoto in this case)
- Rhythm + Lead Guitars = Mitsuru Kirijo
- Bass = Junpei Iori
- Drums = Akihiko Sanada
- Keyboards/Synthesizers = Fuuka Yamagishi
- Sampler/Synthesizers = Aigis
- Manager/Tech = Ken (sorry... I can't think of anywhere to place you)
- Posthumous Member of Honor = Shinjiro Aragaki
Contact information:
- Remixer Name: damus1cmahn
- Real Name: Michael Pham
- Email address:
- Forum ID: 32598
Thank you for your consideration and I will be looking forward to hearing back from you.
Best regards,



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The track is definitely br00tal for sure! The super low bass really makes the track growl, and sets an ominous tone to the mix. The arrangement is pretty on point, and I was digging the style change overall. 

The compassion is really high here, and the whole track feels squashed as a result. I think this needs to be addressed. Along with that the production on the synth at 1:47 sounds a bit strange compared to the rest of the track. It feels very up front compared to the other parts and not in the same space.

Really cool arrangement, but the production is holding this back at the moment. Hope to hear this one again.

No (resubmit)

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Right off the bat this track has some evident production issues.  It's very heavily compressed and I'm reading around -8 to -9db rms on the dynamic range, which is pretty hard for a rock/metal song and could definitely be more relaxed.  I'm not sure his is the reason for the distortion we can hear in the low range at around 0:10 and in many, many other places throughout, but it could definitely be a factor.  Nevertheless, this mix needs some cleanup.  Luckily the kick is not interfering there, so it's just a matter of finding the separation between the bass and rhythm guitars.  If you want to see these issues for yourself, in case your audio equipment is not letting you hear them, I recommend grabbing this excellent, free vst tool.

Other than that I thought the arrangement was solid enough for a pass, definitely lots of energy here and although the structure is fairly similar to the original, I found the feel of both tracks to be different enough.  I thought the arrangement could've used more interpretation however, but it's borderline passable for me.

I, however, cannot let it through unless the mix/master issues are solved.  Until then, 

NO (Resubmit)

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Whoa. This is brutal all right! The arrangement is very well done, and the super low bass and guitars definitely have a healthy amount of grit. I'm also liking how the drums are sticking out even with so much going on on the frequency spectrum. I think the drums are the production highlight of your track. Although, I have to agree that the mixing of the bass and rhythm guitars are deal-breaking. As it stands, things are very blurry most of the time in the mix because of the lows and low-mids (and I'd even go up to the mids about this statement) being so heavily crowded. Everything is battling for space, and in the end no part ends up having the space it needs because of that. You should review your EQ's to carefully attribute frequency usage to your different instruments in order to clean this up. Tweaking the overall levels could probably help a bit too. If it comes to it, I also think you could *slightly* tone down the kick to get a bit more room to manage in all that low-end, but I think that should be a last resort.

Bottom line: excellent arrangement, good drums, but the overcrowded lows/low-mids are deal-breaking for me. Please rework this, I'd love to hear an improved version!

NO (resubmit)

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