*NO* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 'Soulstorm'

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I'm contacting you to submit a new Legend of Zelda' "Song of Storms" metal cover. 

Hope you all like and enjoy it. It's done with all my heart, as a long time fan of the Zelda saga (and of course, of metal music!).

Thank you for your time and attention!

P.S: I've also changed the song title to Soulstorm. You can pick the updated info below:

Contact Information

  • Your ReMixer name: mikestamper (Mike Stamper)
  • Your real name: Aitor G.
  • Your website: http://www.mikestamper.es
  • Your userid: 32612 (it's waiting for validation, as I have registered just right now)

Submission Information

  • Name of game(s) arranged The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
  • Name of arrangement Soulstorm
  • Name of individual song(s) arranged Song Of Storms
  • It was born in one of my band's rehearsals while waiting for the rest of the band to arrive there. Then I realized that I needed to do something with that in my home studio. And so, the next day, this was born. A new interpretation for this song, inspired by modern metal bands that I really love.
Thank you again for everything,
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I'm not a fan of fade-ins, any more than I like fade-outs, oh well.  Opening/closing piano is so mechanical, and it's mixed so oddly, I hear some kind of effect almost like sidechaining with a silent kick.    Guitar is so much better when it starts but the mixing here is crowded as heck.  Bass is muffly and barely audible.  The drums are very distant.  The breakdown at 2:29 is so clean by contrast  (except for the bass which just sounds like indistinct mud) that it is startling, and the guitar there is much too loud.

Performances are really great.  I love this arrangement, the simple source is given so much interpretation and attitude.  3/4 metal FTW for sure.  Great syncopations too at 3:21.  I hear hints of Zelda's Lullaby in the mix too.

I'd really like some mixing and balance cleanups before I give this a yes, and some humanization on that piano and mix that better too.  It's really close for me though, I love the energy of this mix of my all time favorite VGM tune.

NO (but please fix up and resub)

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Poo on Chimpazilla for decrying a perfectly fine fade-in. There's nothing inherently wrong with it. :-P

Nice change-up at 2:28 for some much-needed dynamic contrast from the metal section. Suddenly, the mixing became much more clear and distinct again; it definitely makes the crowded nature of the power guitars stand out more as a result. I agree with Chimpa all the way that the mixing of the metal guitar work sounds very muffly and lo-fi, which is holding back this incredible arrangement. I could see some YES's, and I would have been one myself had the mixing stayed strong after 2:58, but it went back to the same issues at 3:13.

The piano sequencing was definitely a weak point, BUT the sample did have some good airiness that gave adequate body to it; definitely nothing I had a problem with compared to where the quality bar is set here.

Also pointing out some small issues that didn't meaningfully affect my vote, but were worth noting: Watch for the quick distortion when the piano sample triggers at :15, 4:25 & 4:40. There's also a soft but audible pop noise at 4:30 that may mean there were others I missed.

I'm borderline, and I wouldn't have a problem if the panel ultimately went YES on this version, but some tweaks to the mixing of the metal sections would put this over the top for me. Again, very tough call for me when the arrangement's this great; if it were just less muffled, I could have tipped in favor of it. Good luck with the rest of the vote, Aitor, and DEFINITELY tweak this if this doesn't make it as is. Nice work so far!

NO (borderline/resubmit)

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I have to concur with the other judges, the metal sections of this mix really sound muffled.  The guitars need more presence and sharpness and they often get lost in the muddy low end (i.e. 3:40).  I also agree the piano had an odd feeling to it, but I think it's not too problematic as it plays along the rain effects and feels appropriate for that mood, albeit the slightly mechanical performance.  I would really have loved to hear the metal parts with a black metal vocalist, they're begging for something in the style of 3 Inches of Blood.  Some of the busy sections expose the mixing problems more clearly, as 03:13 where you can hear the compression affecting the cymbals and the bells.

The arrangement is the positive aspect of this remix, and I agree that it really brings it close to a borderline vote.  I thought the transition from the intro to the heavy metal section was abrupt.  Performances are on point and you've managed to give the original your own personal spin.  Loved the interlude at 2:33 with the different variations of the original melody.

I think the arrangement is over our bar but the production issues  drag the song down.  It's very very close to the line but needs a small push to move it over the edge for me.  It's very doable so I ask the artist to please consider a resubmit.

NO (please resubmit!)

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