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now this is just a thought, seeing we already have donkey kong country 1, 2, 3 as albums, why not create a final album from the pre nintendo Wii era? I personally loved Donkey kong 64 and spent hours playing it, and it had a lot of challenges and awesome themes, and I think artists could run wild with their imagination as to what themes they could use.

like for an example, the Angry aztec area, could be given an egyptian style of remix think like arabian music: Lebanese Style music or something along those lines

for the jungle themed areas do something different, maybe a pop / rock style

Frantic factory maybe a techno / electronica style

Gloomy Galleon, Crystal Caverns and creepy castle give them halloween styled remixes, not all of them are gloomy, so maybe the brighter ones the artists can feel free to use their imagination with those

as for Fungi forest the day can be bright and cheerful style mixes, and the night time can be mysterious / spooky remixes, as for the rest, I'd say that is up to the artists, anyway this is just my thoughts, please comment, or even add ideas in.



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On 3/13/2016 at 0:09 AM, Ronald Poe said:

I know I'm weird and haven't gotten a remix on the site yet, but I'm probably going to try my hands at a Donkey Kong 64 remix. I'm planning on a mix that's Gothic and Halloween styled. I'm thinking Frantic Factory but Gloomy Galleon would work too. What do you think?

honestly I'd love to see what you could do :D but frantic factory was a very hectic level, gloomy galleon was *shudders* a quarter land and three quarters water... personally I like the boss music from Gloomy galleon better than frantic factory... so that's just my two cents worth

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