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Hyper Light Drifter

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Go buy it right now. It's like Zelda meets journey meets Diablo with hotline Miami on the side. I played it all day after work yesterday, and literally have not been able to put it down today.

This game is hard too. The good kind of hard. The kind that gave me an incredible adrenaline rush once I figured out the pattern to the first boss and finally managed to beat him. 

Some tips:

Look everywhere. You can dash to really tiny ledges if you aren't too far from them

If you're having trouble with enemies, dash around them more. The mechanic is crucial

If you're having trouble seeing the aiming reticle, turn down the game brightness



I am in love with this game, thank you very much to everyone who kickstarted it


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btw theyve been consistenly updating this with bug fixes and quality of life enhancements, and in about a week theyll be releasing a build which includes local multiplayer


this game is so great, y'all. i just beat all of the secret challenge rooms today and i FEEL ALIVE. gonna try to get my wife to play the co-op mode with me when it drops

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