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OCR03331 - Final Fantasy VI "Evisceration"


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HAH, we got like half a second in before the big drums already hit. :lol: Definitely keeps up the high energy with drumwork that doesn't let up much. All the individual components come together to keep things frantic. I will say that I would have liked a greater low-mids bass presence to the main bass (that is, more upfront-and-grimy filter motion), as having primarily subs got a bit tiring to my ears. But that's a minor nitpick in the big picture. Crank this up in the car, but not when your grandparents are around! :-)

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So this is so ridiculously frantic, which is a bit tough for me, but I appreciate the remixer's goal here - it was nailed, stamped, and then set on fire. For those who might not like the insanity, at least give 1:48 a try - it's chiptune madness, and really interesting.

Additionally, props for the ending that leaves you sitting in a daze watching a whirlwind of energy slowly recede in the distance, off to claim another unprepared listener.

Good stuff!

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