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OCR03332 - Breath of Fire II "Jaded by Death"


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03332 - Breath of Fire II 'Jaded by Death'

There are times when the rapid 4-note bass pattern of the source sounds muted or overtaken, but at least it's offset by other sounds maintaining the tone or emotion of the moment. The percussion, similarly, sometimes gets drowned out, but I like how it ever-so-gradually evolves alongside the mix to add different shades of flair.

I'm guessing 1:24-5 is an attempt at partial melodic rearrangement, but to me the C-G-Bb progression sounds off. It does sound a little more at home at 1:41-2 though.

Given the way the last minute sort of hits the reset button on the mix before deflating into nothingness, I interpret this section as a wannabe prelude to another song/chapter in the musical narrative. It also would've been nice to hear more exploration of the source's second part ("Ab-G, Bb-Ab"-dominated), although the extended measure at 2:40 (with the organ at 2:47 adding to the mayhem) is certainly strong.

All in all, this makes fitting hellfire music.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03332 - Breath of Fire II "Jaded by Death"

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