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OCR03418 - *YES* Mario Paint 'Pickin' Colors' *RESUB*


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previous decision

Dear OCR Judges...

Here's the Link to my "Resubmitted" Remix/Arrangement of the Mario Paint Theme Song:
 (my original submission was/is the same URL only the "-5" version)

Contact Information:
* My ReMixer name - dabedaab
* My real name - Steve Snider
* My email address -
* My userid - 32663
Submission Information:
* Name of game arranged - Mario Paint
* Name of arrangement - Pickin Colors
* Name of individual song arranged - Title Theme
* Additional information about game:
 - Composers: - Hirokazu Tanaka, Ryoji Yoshitomi, Kazumi Totaka
 - System: - SNES
 - Link to the original soundtrack: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GdapZ1FZhI

My comments about the ReMix:
Earlier, I submitted a version of the same song and it was judged as "NO (Resubmit)". I agree with the feedback that was given. Don't know if you guys go back and look at your comments from an earlier judgement, but in a nutshell, the overwhelming consensus (along with other things) was that the Mandolin was too mechanical.

So I took to heart all the feedback that was given me and have changed the submission accordingly. Here's what I did to improve the submission:
* Eliminated the "Midized" version of the Mandolin (Melody) and replaced it with a live recording of myself playing Mandolin
* Eliminated the "Midized" version of the Guitar (Melody/Harmony/Improv) and replaced it with a live recording of myself playing Guitar
* Added some Reverb to the already live version of me playing Banjo (just seemed like it needed it)
* Made the percussive touches of Mandolin/Fiddle chops slightly more dominant (especially in the second verse [banjo section])

My original reluctance to include live recordings was predominantly due to my fear of recording skills. Basically, I admittedly don't know much about recording. However, I'm fairly pleased with the quality of the recordings. My take on it is that any hit on recording quality was/is more than made up for by the better sound of live instuments. Hind sight being 20-20, I can now see that it sounds considerably better (I least I think so) in its "Live" rendering than in its "Midized" version.

As I stated before: "I find the experience to be a 'Blast' and will consider this a "Positive Experience" no matter the outcome."

I hope you enjoy!

dabedaab (Steve Snider)

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I had not heard the first submission of this track, so I went ahead and dug it up.  I agree that the midi performances were not up to snuff.  This version however, is pure awesomeness.  The mixing isn't perfect, the instruments could all use some eq treatment so they shine a little bit more, for example the bass is somewhat indistinct and lacks presence, and the leads sound a bit too forward in the soundscape.  These are issues to work on for next time ok?  


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2016/04/23 - (1Y) Mario Paint 'Pickin Colors' *RESUB*

Never heard the previous version, but this version easily holds it down with a well-personalized set of live parts. Agreed with the others that there could some use of EQ to add some more clarity and sharpness to the soundscape, but the mixing's definitely not a meaningful issue here as I can hear most of the elements clearly despite a bit of a lo-fi sound. The fret noises of whatever was brought in at 2:32 tended to interfere with things on account of sounding too upfront, but it wasn't a huge deal. Nice work, Steve; welcome aboard! :-)


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2016/04/23 - (3Y) Mario Paint 'Pickin Colors' *RESUB*

Just chiming in to agree with the other judges.  As I said in my previous vote, I loved this rendition but the performances weren't up to snuff.  This however is a big improvement.  I do think the mix could've been cleaned some around the low-mids to make it pristine but this is ok, it adds a bit of a homely... or heard-in-a-country-tavern flavor.  Very happy you took the feedback to heart, and answered promptly!


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