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Megaman X2 Zero's Theme Remix

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never heard the original, very obvious that you used fl. cathcy, the melody could be stronger, i like the beakdown, the bass sounds like shit (no other way to put it), very 80's metal, but definetly not driving enough, i like the last solo kind of thing you do. I play bass and in a few months, im getting a usb interface so if your still working on it, send me the sheet music for bass and ill give you the real deal.

Needs work, decent start

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The lead seems... hollow. It would sound sweet, but it is drowned by the beat and I have to strain a bit to hear it. Bring the lead out more and it should sound intense. Need to work on the end, it's kind of anti-climatic. You have a cool intro, good main theme, but a weak ending.

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Same here, I havn't heard the orignal either.



0:00: Really, really good intro.

0:05 Very good choice on the lead.

0:27 That slap-bassish sound really needs to be changed. It clashes from the rest of the other sounds in my opinion.

0:33 Those rapid chords are getting kinda annoying.

1:09 Yay the main meledy again.

Finaly the chords have some rythm to them.

1:52 Interesting choice of pad. A bit to loud tho. Either that or lead's to soft.

2:13 The arpegio gets anoying right before the drum fill, and continues to be so...

3:00 O ya! The meledy for one last time!


Final thoughts:

The bad:

1) The background instruments get very repetive, and after awhile get somewhat annoying. You should give them more variation, better sounds, and mabye even have them change to a differnt instrument in places.

2) I couldn't really hear a climax in the song, I know not all songs do, but when the pad came in it seemed like it would go enter the climax afterwords. But instead the pad just leaves and the soon-to-be-annoying arpegio starts.

The good:

1)I cant really comment on the arrangment because I'd have to hear the orignal. But, what you have all flows together with some really nice drum fills.

2)The lead instrument sounds good, and never gets annoying.


With more work this could turn out to be a very good song.

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Megaman X2 - Zero's Rebirth


I am not as technical yet in my analysis, but this could be potentially a much stronger song by just discriminating when choosing the instruments and making the lead more prominent. You also might want to look at some of the other zero spoofs, there are enough to still be original and stand out from darkesworde's 'beamsabre BEATZEROv2.'

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