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OCR03371 - Gradius Gaiden "The Heavens Are Calling"


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Woohooo, it's finally posted!

Huge thanks to Sixto who did the amazing guitar solo. This is how I got him to do it:

[17:16:50] <Hakstock> sixto
[17:16:59] <sixto> sixto
[17:17:10] <Hakstock> serious question now, I made my best song ever and I don't wanna ruin it with a crappy solo
[17:17:34] <Hakstock> wanna do the solo?
[17:17:41] <Hakstock> disclaimer: it's for DoD
[17:19:30] <sixto> well ok


I agree with most of the judges' remarks, but you have to know: this song probably went through 20+ revisions and started from scratch at least 3 times before it got to its current state, and I realized that with my current mixing and guitar playing skills and equipment, I can't make it better. :( But even with its few flaws, it sounds pretty good, I guess. :) 


Also, I encourage everyone to listen to the source track to this song (and the rest of the Gradius Gaiden soundtrack), it's one of the most awesomest pieces of vgm: 



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Hakxto/Sixštok? Yes please! Glad to finally see this posted. I was hooked from the "first" DoD submission, but this version is clearer. It pays to persevere.

It also introduced me to Gradius music. I was never a fan of "Shoot 'em up" games. I'm sure I've missed out on many musical gems like this, but at least I can cross this one off the hypothetical list. Thanks!

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This was definitely a fun track. Had a lot of great guitar performance. I feel the drums could've been engineered a bit better to be a bit more punchy. Possibly through some EQ/Compression or just the actual volume seems low. They get a bit muddy in the mix as a result. The song tends to drag a bit after the full flavor of the piece is released, but that's fairly subjective.

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