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  1. While not exactly a timeless classic, it's a fun representation of where the quality level was at early on in the site's history - my younger ears enjoyed it then, as now, although I concede it sounds like it has more than a bit of the hokey 'medley'-itis listening to it now.
  2. Peaceful and relaxing. Sort of an 'end of the adventure' tune that'd roll over the credits. Good job, you saved the thing! Now go enjoy a beverage of your choice. You've earned it!
  3. Man I miss TPC's sweet, savory remixes. This is one tasty dosa.
  4. I thought about this mix every-time I passed the now permanently closed Belmont Lounge near Union Square (eh, it wasn't great by all accounts). But this song, this song is great: good beat, perfect for summer night wanderings.
  5. Drifts is always a compelling theme - very transportive. I'm comfortably lost in the snow listening to this.
  6. I accidentally this mix, it's a bright chip-tune candy-studded chocolate-chip cookie
  7. Upbeat and perfect for listening to at 1:52 on a warm October afternoon :)
  8. Klick Klack Klax, love the driving march of this.
  9. Gotta say I prefer the original source This version sounded pared down, simplistic and unengaging.
  10. Good classic rock vibes a la Boston or Steely as djP said. I hear a bit of Yes' ISAGP in there too. Mellow, trans-formative.
  11. warm and gritty indeed. This is like a late-morning weekend coffee alone after a decent 1NS. Things will shake out fine.
  12. My favorite tune from the series...I didn't find this remix as enjoyable (a bit static..and dry)..but it's a creative interpretation of the source for sure, although the original sounds more alive/warmer than this rendition.
  13. Pretty sappy. Remarkably tolerable - must be all that Stardew. But not much to it, except to be played over the credits of your nicest day of summer memories.
  14. Quiet, laid-back. Except for how it began in the first few seconds (slight undertones of surreal, though disturbing is perhaps too strong a descriptor), I liked how it ran its course.
  15. Thoroughly enjoyable as upbeat Sim'ish-esque BGM to your life.
  16. Tropical house? Interesting. A bit too fast to be just bop-able, but it's isn't quite dance-able either. The theme gets a bit lost for me, so not one of my more favorite tracks from Rozo. Always glad to see Monkey Island get attention tho'
  17. Yep, space, fuzzy, and funky are all great ways to describe this early, crunchy pretzel-piece.
  18. Gotta give this another listen when those daytime summer thunderstorms roll around...a good song, it embodies "wind" to me.
  19. This starts out catchy and energetic, and then pans back a bit and remains comfortably on cruise control. I'd probably let this sit on repeat once or twice before wanting something with a bit more progression and change-up throughout.
  20. To me it's a little too much peppering with those lyrical snippets. More restraint would've produced a better result. I can't recall the exact title but there have been previous Zelda remixes that made good use of Link's "charge-forward" yell in a similar manner.