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Toby Fox - His Theme / Hopes And Dreams (千π Breakbeat Hardcore Remix)


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im not composer but i like your master piece it so energic... every time I feel sad this music will make me feel better

EDIT:  how long it took to make this masterpiece? (Sorry for my english)

Another question. ...  [Japanese letter or something] (senpi) and DJ SymBiotiX are one person? (sorry if the question is silly, it's just out of curiosit)

finally I like your arrangement I hope you keep it up :-D

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I like it - lots of energy, and the mix sounds pretty clean. The violin at 0:22 really sounds like it should be at the front of the mix, though - sounds odd to hear it pushed so far back into the mix.

That being said, with that violin part coming out a little, you should submit it on OCR, if you haven't already. It's pretty good. :)

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Thanks for the comments Gario :D

At this point though, since I've released it and all that, I figure it's done done, even though some things could be a bit better I guess. Also the fact that I already had it mastered by a guy :P I do agree though that maybe those violins could be a bit more up front now that you mention it.

I have not submitted it to OCR mostly because I already released it myself, and I was also hoping a certain label would pick it up, but I haven't heard back from them yet, so I'm not sure. Is it fine to still submit to OCR? I forget all the rules haha.

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Well, you can still submit to OCR on your own - as far as how you distribute your music otherwise we don't have a say. It's your music, after all. ;)

From OCR's content policy page (Submission agreement, point 7):


YOU are free to distribute and/or license these materials elsewhere, so long as they are not attributed to OverClocked ReMix, and such distribution or licensing does not conflict with the terms of this agreement. OverClocked ReMix maintains sole control of the distribution of materials under its name, as designated by "OC ReMix" in track titles, the "OC_ReMix" file suffix, or other indicators clearly establishing attribution of works to OverClocked ReMix.

However, if you're planning on having the music distributed via a label, be sure that OCR's policies do not conflict with their own (if they require being the sole distributor of your music, for example, that would be an issue for them). While other distributions shouldn't cause problems on this end - it's still your music, after all - it perhaps could cause some issue with your other distributors.

This is OCR's content policy, so you can look this over and see if it will cause any issue with any other distributor you plan on utilizing. Hope that helps!

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