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Sonic 1 - [Marble Zone - Lost Marble Mix]


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Chill/slightly minimal remix of Marble Zone with piano. The chorus features a mandolin patch I programmed with some interesting reverse delay effects. I'd say this was a WIP but I know full well my next Marble Zone remix will be in progress soon =)


This is my 3rd Marble Zone remix, as usual, my sonic mixes/speedrun video remixes are here: http://sonic.tcpmusic.com

Alex Smith / The Cynic Project / cynicmusic.com

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Finishing tracks just isn't my strong point at the moment. Mostly becuase I tend to make 'em worse the longer I work on them. I'd certainly be interesting in collaborating with anyone who's interested in Sonic remixes, to help finish/expand some of these mixes. I have a ton of spare ideas, mostly in the form of piano reductions I've arranged.

Though I don't know if anyone is much interested in my style, I've submitted 6 of them to OC and so far no bites..

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If that's que question, try talking to someone to start a collab... I personally like DistantJ and his superb Cryptic Marble remix.

Even if you couldn't start a joint work with someone, give a try to take a remix to the end... seek some experienced advices from people around... they always do a great job guiding remixers! ;)

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Percussion -

I have a ton of loop libraries, I will usually pull one or two loops from a set and drop them in Native Instruments Intakt, chop them up into individual MIDI note triggers and trigger them by MIDI. A little rearrangement of the MIDI gets me some variations and fills. I typically remove the kick and snare, opting to program those in NI Battery. I frequently bounce percussion tracks down to audio and then chop them up further, of fx process just a few parts, simple tricks like an extra long reverb/delay effects tail on just one hit. I do alot of processing of rhythmic elements in Antares Filter, sometimes desiging a filter set specific to a loop, and then automating filter parameters over the course of the song to make gradual changes.

Plugins you will see in all my projects are

Waves RVerb

Waves 6 tap delay

Waves Mondomod

Antares Filter

NI Battery

Novation V-Station

Ohmboys quad fromage

I also have a buncha hardware that I use for the rest of the instruments, though its not a big deal to work entirely in software

Pads/Strings - Roland XV-3080 (Factory Presets)

Piano - Roland XV-3080 Supreme Piano Expnansion

Pads/Leads - Roland XV-3080 (Modified Presets from Vengeance-Music.de)

Arpeggios - Novation Supernova 2 (hardware) or V-Station, again I own all the patches from Vengeance for both these instruments)

Basses - wherever


Also, All these songs have sega genesis samples from the sonic games in them! :)

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cynicmusic/Alex Smith,

I know you put out a marble zone trance sketches, but I remember the breakbeat remix, which was simple but had a really interesting sound in it from 0:13 - 1:20 as it fades into the back. I heard it very quietly in your marble zone trance sketches, but I thought that either the breakbeats or lost marbles were really awesome explorations that in my mind were in the direction of manifest.

I don't know if you're still planning on following up with a resub of lost marbles or if you're going to try to submit breakbeats or sketches, but I would be ecstatic to hear a reinvigoration of these pieces.

Either way, I respect your skills as an artist. Props on your music.

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