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RPG Town remix contest

Ronald Poe

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After I got second place in that RPG project, I did some thinking. Why can't I host a remix contest? The idea is that each member chooses a video game piece they like and create a RPG field/town theme out of it. It can be anything from an RPG boss theme like "One Winged Angel"  to "Gourmet Race" (Kirby)". However it can't already be a town or field theme.

Round one will be a remix of the chosen theme and Round 2 will mix that theme with an original composition/beat I will provide.  Message me if you want to participate. I'm sure this will be a lot of fun. The summery will provide most of the rules but if anyone would help me with them, it'd be appreciated. I'll judge the field themes myself but would prefer a second judge.

Have a good day.


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Yeah, you've more or less got it right. It just has to be from a video game and not be a field, town, or dungeon theme. Are you interested? What piece would you pick?

Just wanted to add that as much as I love Pokemon, only battle themes from that franchise are allowed because of the abundance of town themes. I love Lavender Town as much as the next guy but it doesn't fit with the theme of the contest. That is all

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