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I'm sick of not being able to do music stuff on my current schedule, but if I could do it on my phone, that could change.  I'm trying out the free demo of Caustic 3, which looks like it has a lot of potential but also a drastically different workflow that what I'm used to (Reaper).  Sequencing looks really awkward: for instance, zoom and note length are the same control, and you can layer only two simple effects on one channel.  FL Studio Mobile is also a thing, but I'm not seeing a free trial, and it's a bit more pricey (Caustic is on the Amazon App store and I have coins, so I can get it for $4.75.  FL Mobile is $16).

Anyone have any experience or tips for remixing on Android?

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I would seriously just get a small 7" windows tablet...hmmm...

Other than that...I'm not sure, you're talking about using it at work or something? I would just use some kind of tracking/8-bit software to get ideas down that could export as a midi file, then transfer that to a desktop computer. iOS is probably better, or windows phone if it has any software that can compose...

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