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  1. I guess so I should elaborate a bit on the downer ending! I say it's a downer ending because it's a very introspective ending and fits in similar to the bittersweet nature of Final Fantasy Tactics (no spoilers but iykyk). I feel like I end up with more 'bombastic' endings a lot of the time but this was a more "Things will never be the same again, and that may not be okay" one. Still in disbelief at the high praise given to this track. ? Thank you all so, so much!
  2. Almost same as Flex (Though VGM as a whole and not just OCR). Though my schedule might be sporadic. Would be happy to provide whatever I can still!
  3. oh man I am very interested. will not sign up yet but down to help anyone's tracks
  4. i have my own panel to set up for at 2:30 so I'll only be able to say hi very briefly before AND/OR after the panel
  5. yo I'll be there. Also will have my Discord open. trying to nail down a schedule but MAG is chaos.
  6. lol this is still nuts. I mostly had just a weekend to punch in all my parts thanks to the deadline + MAGWest, but I had a *blast* on this track. @jnWake really delivered on his most ambitious arrangement to date. Maybe one day this team will return again. Who knows.
  7. jnWake delivers yet again. I love how he combines his prog background with jazz fusion bands like T-Square and Snarky Puppy lol. Also a hell of list of collaborators. I'm just sad I didn't get to play on this one cause I was moving and had COVID
  8. I still remember hearing this in Free Month and going "this is absolutely nuts" Hats off to TheManPF for reigning this one in! (and one hell of collaborators haha)
  9. (also the moments of silence at the beginning is an export error)
  10. When I saw Tiberian Sun I thought it was The Tiberian Sons LOL. Anyways, this is a fantastic take on this track. I've never played much Command & Conquer myself, but hearing the subtle dynamics with the beautifully chosen synthesizers. Beautiful.
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