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  1. https://on.soundcloud.com/b8hu7 updated version. Think it's getting close to final
  2. Mine that CAN be licensed: The Definition of Insanity (would require @Treyt posting it it to Spotify) Hallucinatory Province (will be on a future comp album) Down the Rabite Hole (will be on a future comp album) Song of the Desperado (planning to bundle all my FF8 tracks together in an EP.) Mine that CAN'T be licensed: Hope in 8 None of these are on Spotify yet. I'll browse over some other artists these next couple of weeks.
  3. https://on.soundcloud.com/LyZm8 updated version @Hemophiliac
  4. Noted! I'll send over to our mixer. Might be able to add more bari sax in there too. (Also I forgot to put the review tag lmao)
  5. https://dodarchive.dwellingofduels.net/23-04-Free/25-Lucas Guimaraes%2C Cory Johnson%2C ImAFutureGuitarHero%2C Brandon Harnish%2C ThisIsJayC-Chrono Trigger-Tyrano's Stash-DoD.mp3 Original Track: Source Breakdown: 0:00 - 1:00 - Intro from Source 1:01 - 1:41 - A section from Source 1:42 - 2:26 - B Section from Source 2:27 - 3:04 - C Section 3:05 - 3:24 - Combo of sources 3:25 - 4:12 - Chords from Intro, mostly original. 4:13 - 4:41 - Intro from Source motif returned; outro Contributors: Lucas Guimaraes - Arrangement, Saxophones ImAFutureGuitarHero - Bass, Drums, Auxillary Percussion Cory Johnson - Guitars Brandon L. Harnish - Sousaphone ThisIsJayC - Mix Please let me know anything I can fix up before sending it over for OCR Review!
  6. Saxophone Quartet! Track: https://dodarchive.dwellingofduels.net/23-03-Spinoffs/08-Lucas Guimaraes%2C Charles Ritz%2C Jess Destramp%2C Thomas Kresge%2C Daniel Caton-Final Fantasy Tactics-A Chronicle of Ivalice-DoD.mp3 Original Track: Please let me know anything I can fix up before sending it over for OCR Review
  7. Do you all still need someone for Maybe I'm A Lion? I've certainly improved a lot both at ReMixing and at rushed deadlines, lol. Look no further than me having 3 tracks on the Golden Sun album and two of them being in 60~ days. If so I can get a WIP for you two before the week's end.
  8. Love the expressions you do! One day I hope to be half as good as you. Keep up the awesome work (One I quoted is one that got me really going "wow")
  9. I played it, enjoyed it, but also: yeah that at this point, I don't know who the series target audience is. I think it's just people that enjoy the hack and slash gameplay even if it's more mindless (which I can enjoy mindless) but in terms of attracting new people in, I can't tell if they're going to do that with the future of the series or they're going to latch onto the other 10 games, and in terms of old fans, the saga we were interested in seeing concluded is kinda over so we're just sticking around for the ride. Also Disney World's had urgency in KH1... They just lack that in every other game since.
  10. I get that much; I just wanted to weigh in my 2c on it. Honestly, interesting thread. Got me thinking. (also, tbh, I didn't read the whole thread because I do enough reading in graduate school. was going to. whoops.)
  11. Well... I'm actually gonna come in and say my 2c on this in specific: Yes, you don't own it, but you own a lot of the information gained from it. You can put original melodies or sections in a ReMix/Cover/Arrangement/Potato/etc and still use them; I recently did a Barbershop arrangement for Materia (Yet to come out... soon) and while I can't, say, use that, I can still use the knowledge I've learned which would have definitely been more difficult to acquire if I just decided "I'm going to make a barbershop original" I speak from the perspective of "I am going for owning my own indie game company one day"
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