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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Oath to Order Remix

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I decided to go more orchestral for this one, but get it to be pretty choatic and interesting. Let me know what you think!


*Update* Fixed some mixing issues and got rid of the clicks.



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Updating Link (Ha, it's a Zelda pun).

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Very good atmosphere here, more good stuff than bad so Its easier if I just name the stuff I wasn't grooving to....In descending order from most noticable

1) 2:09 the gating just really pulls me out...I know what your trying to do and it should work, but Ive never been able to pull it off successfully, maybe something... faster? less sinewave-ish?

2) 0:27 the toy-box/ kalimba pluck, is really dry...maybe soak it in reverb for 20min then hang dry?

3) The kick jumps in towards the end which sounds nice, but with all the glitching going on it remains fairly static, maybe a few fills?


Odder-den-dat, I like it the samples, they were used tastefully and clearly and this represents a nice project to be fleshed out :) 


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