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Megaman Battle Network T-Ape Remix

T- Ape

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Hello OCR! Long time!

I have for you a house remix of the
I used sidechaining in this mix for the first time, I would definitely like some reviews/feedback on this mix!

Normally I won't work on covers and remixes anymore, but because of the use of new techniques, I am open to suggestions and directions.

Thank you in advance,

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Seeing that you're looking for advice and direction, I'm not reading this as an actual eval; that would be something that you intend to submit to OCR, and are looking for an evaluator or judge to pop in and give how they believe it would be judged.

If that IS what you were looking for, a (quick) eval: this is a VERY conservative interpretation of the source, with the instrumentation and arrangement being very similar to what was provided in the soundtrack. While covers are not inherently an issue, that would definitely earn this track a rejection on (or even prior to) the panel.

Again, though, I doubt that's what you were looking for, so a heads up: only use Mod Review / Eval for the purpose of submitting a track. As a standalone track (and NOT looking at it as a future OCR submittion), it's clean, and it flows quite well. The use of sidechaining was subtle, but it does leave some room for the four-to-the-floor well enough. It's something that's less noticeable, but it does improve the clarity of the track, so props to some solid chaining.

I enjoy the track, and feel like it would've worked well as a re-arrangement for a DS or 3DS version of the game. Thanks for sharing. :)

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 @Gario Hahaha Let me make clear that I have zero intentions of entering a competition or panel, But thank you for the feedback!

Thanks for the complement, that means a lot to me! Big fan of the Battle Network Series.

Indeed it is quite clean. I haven't been arranging that much the last months, so the changes are kinda boring to me.

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