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Donkey Kong 64 - Crystal Caves (Orchestral Remix)


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Hi there, first post on the forums, but I was hoping on getting some feedback on this song I made a while back. Unfortunately,I got a little too giddy, and released it without really checking it over a whole bunch.
First thing, I can't easily put out new version of the song to listen to because FL Studios does not like rendering out the song without some glitchiness/weird stuff happening to it. I'll have to fix that eventually ): but for now I can only post videos.
A few things I know I'll fix is the panning and volume of certain instruments. I was working on speakers because I didn't have headphones at that time, but since then bought a nice pair and was hoping to fix that up. The other thing is the equalization! I really can't get the intruments to sound well/dont know how to EQ them properly, specifically the xylophones/flute. I'm using the EWQL Gold library and FL studios if that helps anyone.


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There's some major bass hyping here. Relax. Don't over-EQ, don't over-process, don't over-produce. Isn't EWQLSO recorded in a concert hall already? If so, be subtle with your effects.

I'll defer to one of the more orchestrally inclined evaluators for a proper eval, but my initial impression is pretty promising. Nice work.

Also, include a source link when you want staff to evaluate your work.

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Interesting source - most of the time DK64 tends to get arrangements from their toy factory source, so this is pretty fresh. Most of your samples are on point - nice brass, great percussion and some sweet woodwinds playing throughout. I like the minimalist approach to the orchestration, as well - there's never too much going on, crowding things in the process.

The instruments all seem to have a lot of reverb applied to them, which often creates mud in the track. Even live performances aren't this wet, and when they are that wet the hall is considered terrible for performances (unless it's a church choir... but that's a bit off topic). Lighten up on the reverb, and that'll make this arrangement sound cleaner.

The strings increase in dynamics in an unnatural, sudden manner in the beginning of the arrangement (0:16 - 0:38). When strings swell in and out of their chords like that, be easy on the increase of dynamics - too large a jump between chords sounds jarring.

While I enjoy this arrangement, I will add that it sounds like an upgrade to the source rather than a reimagining of sorts. The samples are better, and there are a few background elements that are different, but this is a very conservative interpretation of the source. While I enjoy it and you did a good job on it overall, I think this would be rejected primarily on arrangement grounds.

Nice work, though.

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